Do you check your weight on the scales? I was once 69kgs…

The reason I'm writing about weight today, is because it's a recurring topic of discussion amongst some of my clients lately. They want to shift some lingering kilos and are often checking the scales to see if they have lost weight. I know it's not always...

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Post Workout/Travel Stretch Class

I just sent out the new monthly Classes to my Core Fit Club members. One of the new classes was a Post Workout/Travel Stretch Class. I felt so good after filming this class, I wanted to share it with you. Click link to access this class ==> Post Workout/Travel Stretch...

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Need to relax & recharge? Dreaming of escaping on a retreat?

Have you ever had a dream come to fruition? If so, I'd love hear about it. I love knowing about those moments in people's lives. It's been my dream to run a retreat and that dream is about to come true! I'm so excited to announce the details of my up coming Pilates &...

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Understanding your Pelvic Floor…

Happy Mothers Day! I have an immense appreciation for mums. Naturally children come first for mothers, and when playing that role in life, mums often forget to take care of themselves. Self care is not always easy to do, even without children. Yet it's not until we...

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Pilates vs Yoga – Do you know the difference?

Can you believe we're already in May?! At the beginning of April I remember saying to myself, I had a whole month to complete my end of year accounts. That time went by so fast! I'm sure it was partly because I procrastinated on doing my accounts until the last...

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Easter Waist Toning Class for you + celebration for a client

Happy Easter! I'm lucky to be living in Malaysia right now, otherwise I'd be eating Humpty Dumpty Easter eggs all weekend! I think I have a hereditary addiction! ;o) If you indulge this weekend and need help toning up your waist muscles, I have you covered. Check out...

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