Core Restore & Pelvic Floor Program.

Helping you regain confidence & control back over your body.

Improve core strength, recover from birth safely, heal Diastasis Recti, Pubis Symphysis pain, C-section, and pelvic floor leaking.

I’ve helped thousands of women just like you regain their body confidence and feel amazing again.

Good news….
Getting your tummy and body strong again doesn’t have to be hard!


Does your tummy feel weaker since giving birth?


Do you suffer from Diastasis Rectis (separation of the abdominal wall) or Pubis Symphysis (pubic bone) pain?


Perhaps you leak when you sneeze or cough and need to strengthen your pelvic floor?


Do you struggle to find time to leave the house to exercise?

These symptoms maybe familiar…

  • You’ve lost connection and feeling in your stomach muscles and or pelvic floor

  • You’ve had a c-section and don’t feel connection in that area anymore

  • You have pain in the pubic bone area (Pubis Symphysis Derangement)

  • You feel anxious that you won’t feel the same about your body again

  • You cannot sneeze without pelvic floor weakening and leaking

  • You’ve noticed a pyramid in the middle of your tummy, this is a separation of the abdominal wall and called Diastasis Rectis

  • You just want to be able to do the activities you used to do & feel good in your body again

  • You’re confused about what exercise you can or can’t do 

If you answered yes to any of the above symptoms, the


‘Core Restore & Pelvic Floor Program’


is perfect for you.

I have combined the best latest techniques into one program

that is simple to follow & really does get results.

You don’t even need to leave your home!

Facebook Community of other mums to connect with

Life Changing Work

Experienced, highly qualified & certified Instructor

Easy to follow program & support in Facebook group when needed

You may think standard exercise is ok to do after giving birth.

The truth is, it’s not.

There is a safer, better and easier way.

You need specialised post natal work to ensure

you rehabilitate the right way.

Those who regain their strength back properly and slowly, have less issues later in life. 


No one tells you what to do after delivery.

No one teaches you this important information.

You can finally learn from a specialist what exercises are
safe & good to do….

It is essential for you to

regain strength the right way if you want to

  • Learn how to engange your tummy muscles again without overdoing it

  • Feel confident to get back to normal exercise & activities

  • Avoid or improve incontinence

  • Stop too many night time toilet stops

  • Close your separation of your abdominal wall (diastase recti) properly & for good!

  • Reduce pain in the pubic bone area and or back

  • Be able to jump on a trampoline again! 

  • Help to heal and prevent prolapse worsening

  • Heal your body after stomach operations like hysterectomy

If any of these apply to you, this program is ideal for you.

I advise all my clients to take their time rehabilitating properly and
not rush back into normal exercise. 

The program is designed to ensure you are doing the right work at the right time of your recovery
and for the right condition of your body.

You’ll learn a step-by-step

formula that will help you

Improve your posture, just by standing the right way

Know how to engage the abdominals properly to help your body heal for good

Remove anxiety & worry from not knowing how to regain your strength again

Relieve shoulder & neck pain caused by breast feeding

Strengthen & learn how to keep a supple Pelvic Floor

Be sure you’re doing safe & correct postnatal exercises.

It’s time to start to love your body!

You’ll follow a proven system that so many other women just like you have followed & had amazing results…


Here’s what some of the ladies have had to say…

Well, I’m ending this week with 4x repeated classes from Module 12 of Core Restore Program and I’m at the END. 

CRP’s made me stronger from the inside out. I’m much more aware of my posture, pelvic floor, deep muscles, breathing and the whole body itself. 

Classes and tutorials were amazing, that’s exactly the postpartrum beginning I wished for and would recommend to everyone (not only after birth).

Thank you Emma for guiding me over the 12 weeks, its been a great journey.


I joined the Core Restore Program so I could learn proper activation of the pelvic floor and core.

Because I wasn’t properly activating my core, I wasn’t gaining enough core strength in regular program. I was constantly having neck, shoulder, and hip flexor pain from recruiting these other muscles.

I’m amazed at how strong my core is after learning how to use the right muscles to execute the movements. I can easily say that I have never felt so strong in my core as I do now.

I have enough strength that my stomach isn’t popping out. I’m able to do everything else in the program while keeping my neck and shoulders from helping, so victory is on the horizon.


I started the Core Restore Program at 8 weeks postpartum, as I was looking for a safe way to return to exercise after the birth of my second son.
A friend had recommended it to me as she’d experienced great post-pregnancy results from Emma’s program.  
I was also seeing a women’s health physio, who measured my diastasis recti as 2.5cm and 3cm separation.
Some weeks I managed 4 sessions per week when doing the program, and other weeks I didn’t manage anything at all. This is the reality of a toddler and a newborn! 
However when I finally made it back to see my physio at 6 months post-partum for another assessment, I’d completely closed my stomach separation and my physio was extremely impressed with the results.
I should also add that I had my babies at age 36 and 39, so I’m very happy with the results.
With little time to get to a gym regularly, home-based workouts are my preference and I have found ePilates Online to be a fantastic resource.
Thank you, Emma, for providing this resource for mums to use from home!

I have more than halved my separation already and I’m only half way through the program! Feeling better about my pre pregnancy body, improved posture and getting some flexibility back. 

Jaclyn Patterson

‘I was hesitant to try this program as I have a sensitive neck and back and 
always thought Pilates would strain these areas.

I was also concerned I wouldn’t get results because it had been 4 years since 
I had my last child. I had a 2.5 finger abdominal separation and felt like I had
tried everything to get my core back.

However after Emma’s Restore Your Core Program I learned so much…

1. My neck and upper back pain was due to my weak core and terrible posture.

2. Even though I had been exercising my abdominals prior to the program, 
I was not engaging the right muscles.

This program has reduced my abdominal separation down to 1 finger and 
reduced my upper back and neck pain immensely.
My tummy is also flatter and my posture has improved.

I’m so glad I found this.
 I highly recommend it. 

Emma does an excellent job of explaining and describing the exercises so 
they are easy to do. She also includes some awesome neck and shoulder 
releasing exercises I love.

I am very happy with the results and plan to continue with Emma’s Pilates exercises in the Core Fit Club, to maintain my core and keep a healthy posture.’

Amanda Miller

I’m only half way through the program and my ‘pyramid tummy’ (separation when I lie down onto my back) is much lower than before, I feel stronger and my posture has improved!  

Sam Upcraft

Director , Nesting Mums

‘I am able to control my pelvic floor a bit better and it’s already a bit stronger’

Client after 3 weeks of program

As someone who has never ever done Pilates before I have to say I was quite hesitant to start an online course of it.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand the instructions and would be back and forth pausing and repeating the videos. However Emma’s way of explaining and showing the different exercises were so easy to follow that I could completely relax and concentrate on working the right muscles.

And I could definitely feel the deep muscles working!

Since giving birth to my first child I have also been struggling with serious lower back pain and I was afraid that the pain would stop me from doing the exercises,however I had no problems with it at all and I definitely felt better afterwards!

The videos are so well explained that I found it very easy to concentrate working the right muscle balance. It is impossible to do the exercises wrong!

I would highly recommend the program to anyone who has never done Pilates before but has always wanted to try it, to anyone who wishes to get safely back in exercising after child birth, and especially to anyone who has been struggling with lower back pain.

Veera Haslam

I went to Emma after the birth of my second daughter, not knowing I had abdominal separation, until Emma checked me.

During the first few postpartum sessions with Emma, it was very challenging for me to feel my pelvic floor and engage my core as I hadn’t used those muscles for a long time.  However, after 3 or 4 sessions, I was able to start feeling them and gaining more and more control. 

I felt I was improving and getting stronger after each class.  The exercises that seemed impossible to do in the beginning, we starting to get much easier to do.  I still have a long way to go, but I can feel that my abdominal separation is much less than what it used to be, and I can’t be happier!

Emma’s explanations and exercises are so easy to follow that I even do them at home whenever I remember!  I like the way Emma is very attentive and doesn’t hesitate to correct postures so that we can get the most out of each exercise.   

She also ensures that we aren’t pushing our body more than we should and makes sure to explain which exercises should be done and how they should be done for different post-partum stages. She also incorporates exercises that strengthen other parts of our bodies, and not just our core and pelvic floor, thus getting a very complete and rounded class.

Thanks Emma for helping me regain control over my core again and making me feel much stronger and better than before!


My pelvic floor weakened after child birth and I was always too busy to do anything about it. It worsened with age and over the last three years I had starting experiencing stress incontinence.

Whilst my children are 16 & 19 years and I do regular Pilates and Yoga classes, I still had a weak pelvic floor, so I joined the program to concentrate on this specific area.

After completing Emma’s Core Restore Program I have seen a dramatic improvement in my pelvic floor.

The Program is very easy to follow and is broken down into small parts which are achieveable with a busy lifestyle. Emma’s method of teaching is highly effective and she is very clear in her instruction. I loved the way she showed you to isolate specific areas.

It really helped my Pelvic floor and an added bonus that I wasn’t expecting was improved posture. On top of this I take what I have learnt from Emma and use it when I am practicing other forms of exercise.

I highly recommend this course to women of any age or stage in their lives!!

Sally Duane

Emma Jory an  AMAZING TRAINER -dedicated and knowledgeable, provide modifications, and various levels to accommodate all levels and abilities during her training . She have been teaching  classes at Pantai Antenatal class for almost two years and I love the workout that she teaches the couples .

Elizabeth Richard

Lactation Consultant, Trainer & organiser of Pantai Hospital Antenatal Classes

“I found the Core Restore Program really useful.
I started 4 months after having my first baby with the goal of trying to get back into a regular exercise routine whilst learning how to flatten my stomach. It took me longer than 12 weeks to complete the program but I found the sessions to be enjoyable. As it was my first taste of pilates, I found the explanations Emma provided on each movement to be super helpful which is why I rolled over to the Core Fit Club membership. “

Nivvy Venkatraman
Core Restore Program.

Kelisiana Core Restore Program Kelisiana Core Restore Program





Clare was told she needed surgery to fix her
separation of 4 fingers width,
due to pregnancy.

We started working together when she was 6 weeks post natal.
3 weeks into the program, Clare’s separation
had reduced to only 2 fingers width.

She no longer needs surgery!




  • Mums who have just given birth (some of this work can begin immediately after birth for many women – please consult me)
  • Mums who have had a child many years ago
  • Anyone with pelvic floor weakness
  • Both men & women with separation of the abdominal wall (Diastasis Recti)
  • Anyone with back pain who wants to strengthen their core more deeply
  • Anyone who has not been able to find their deep abdominal connection
  • Anyone who has had a stomach operation, especially hysterectomy.


It’s easy you can do this while you’re;

Breast feeding…


Standing up…

Watching TV…

how does the program work &
what’s included?

My carefully designed program assists you in your postnatal stage or situation and ensures you progress only when you are ready.

The program is set over a 12 week period, depending on your own personal progression time.

You can however, take longer if needed, by repeating certain modules until you are ready to progress.

Approx 40 mins – 1 hour of videos per module (per week).

Included in the modules are:
20 Instructional Videos – Post Natal Formula, Posture Correction and much more

16 specific Post Natal exercises broken down in tutorial style.

10 Classes – ranging from 10 mins – 30 mins length.

A Facebook community of other women who are also completing the program

Access to Emma for questions and advice through the Facebook group on live calls each month

On-the-go access across all your devices

You will be required to use a ball during some of the program for releasing your abdominal muscles. This can be a sports ball you may have from home or you can purchase this specifically for the program. This would cost no more than approx $35.

10 modules spread over 12 weeks 

Approximately 1 hour of exercise

is required every week

Meet Your Instructor Emma

I specialise in helping women heal & love their body again after childbirth.

In my programs I teach Pre & Post Natal specific exercises that have helped hundreds of women just like you regain strength & body confidence again.

Many of my clients report feeling pain free, and stronger in their core than ever before. 

With more than 17 years of Pilates and movement instruction experience, I am able to anticipate your needs and understand what you will likely be experiencing at home.

Doing my classes online will feel like I am actually in the room with you.

Meet Your Instructor Emma

I specialise in helping women heal & love their body again after childbirth.

In my programs I teach Pre & Post Natal specific exercises that have helped hundreds of women just like you regain strength & body confidence again.

Many of my clients report feeling pain free, and stronger in their core than ever before. 

With more than 17 years of Pilates and movement instruction experience, I am able to anticipate your needs and understand what you will likely be experiencing at home.

Doing my classes online will feel like I am actually in the room with you.

What happens when you sign up

  • You will have access to the first Module to stream immediately after payment. The remainder of videos are available when each Module is released each week.
  • You will access your content through a private members log in.
  • The videos are yours for the 12 weeks of the program then ongoing for the duration of the membership chosen.
  • You can cancel anytime after the 12 weeks. However most people stay on to enjoy continued access to the program and the added bonus of the variety and progression of classes in the Core Fit Club and continued support.

This Program IS for you if:

  • You want to get your pre-baby body back
  • You want easy exercises you can do from home
  • You want to get your tummy muscles working again
  • You want to strengthen your pelvic floor
  • You want to relieve aches and pains
  • You have just had a baby
  • You had a baby many years ago
  • You want to get back to exercise safely & the right way
  • You have never done Pilates before

This Program is NOT for you if: 

  • You don’t care about doing the right exercises for your body
  •  You just want to work out hard and fast 
  • You want a program that soley focus on loosing weight
  • You are unable to workout by streaming videos
  • You have an acute injury that prevents you from doing
    certain exercises. (please consult me if you are unsure)


Try Core Restore


With Core Restore, you really need to participate in a min of 12 weeks of the program to ensure you give yourself a chance to get the desired results. 

After which you can stay for as short or as long as you like, and cancel your monthly subscription anytime and manage your own account status.


An online Post Natal Program that offers support each moth over live Q&A calls.

Usually this would costs many hundreds of dollars, but once you are a member you get access to Emma in the Facebook group twice per moth for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program go for?

12 weeks – 12 modules.
Each new module is released weekly.

How long is each module/week?

Approx 45mins – 1 hour of training.
So each week 45mins – 1 hour of training is expected.
However you can space the training over a longer period of time if needed.
Especially if you’re a new mum – it is common to take longer sometimes.

What if it takes me longer than a week to do a module?
That is fine, you can take as long as you need to complete them.
You will however get better results if you do the program in the allocated timeframe.
The more frequently you do the exercises, the better results you will get.​
However many new mums are very busy so if you take longer that is common.
Do I always have access to the program?

You have access to the program for life.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for this program. 

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

Some equipment is necessary if you are wanting to close your Diastasis Recti.
Otherwise no equipment is necessary.

Ball 1 – Small ball for release work
The program requires you to have a ball to do release work of your abdominal area.
This release work helps to rehabilitate your abdominal muscles after childbirth.
You can use a sports ball you may already have in the house or purchase a ball.
I give you the details to assist you in purchasing a ball, I also offer these for you to buy from me if you prefer.
It is not necessary for everyone to do the release work. It does depend on the reason you are purchasing the program.

Ball 2 –  Larger fit ball for exercise
I include some exercises on a Fit Ball inside the program.
This work is optional.
You can do most of the exercises without the fit ball, so it is not essential to have one to complete the program.
It does however give you some extra challenge in your program to help improve your abdominal connection.
I give you instructions on how to know what size ball to purchase inside the program.

How soon can we start?

You can start as soon as you join.
The emails will arrive in first 2 hours.
They are prerecorded you can do anytime that suits you

Do you include dietary recommendations?

There are no dietary recommendations in this program.

How often could I reach out to you in case of questions on exercises?

You can join our Facebook Group here you can join to ask questions to me and also others doing the program or who have done the program.

If you’re not on Facebook you can reach out to us by email.

You’ll follow a proven system that so many other women just like you have followed & had amazing results…

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