Now you can finally enjoy working out!

Build mental & physical strength, improve flexibility & posture,
tone up & reduce aches & pains.

Available for you 24/7
for less than the price of a coffee per week.

When You become a member
of the Core Fit Club You Will Get:

A beginner journey covering all the foundational Pilates principals, posture tips and exercises to set you up for future classes.

The most supportive, caring & inspiring community online, where you can engage, interact and grow with the other students.  Helping you to stay accountable & motivated.


A library of over 450 classes & tutorials to choose from.
Available 24/7 to suit  your level/mood. Eg Beginner, General,  Intermediate, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Props, Cardio, Weights, Stretch.
Classes range from 10mins – 1.5 hours in length.

New classes added every month to keep you inspired.

Along with member challenges to follow and keep you motivated.

A new monthly class schedule is provided, to take the overwhelm out of choosing which class to do each day.

Plus optional daily emails to help you stay consistent!

On-the-go streaming access across all your devices. You can also stream and cast the classes to your TV.

Do you dream of being more consistent
in taking care of your body?


You’ve tried other things but;


  • It’s hard to find a studio with classes to suit your timetable.
  • There are too many options – you just want and need the basics.
  • The workouts are too difficult or maybe you’re injured and can’t do regular classes.
  • You haven’t found the right community to keep you motivated & inspired.
  • You’ve found online workouts impersonal.
ePilates Online Tercia
ePilates Online Fenneke
ePilates Online Belinda
ePilates Online Sophie

I feel toned, more flexible and fitter. Core Fit Club correct my posture plus it gives enjoyment to exercise.

It’s like Emma can see you as she always seems to know what you’re doing wrong or going to do incorrectly. She has frequent challenges and keeps in touch with us regularly and always responds quickly to a question.

Sue Baker

Core Fit @ 62

if you don’t make a change now,

you’ll always say;


  • You don’t have the energy
  • You never have enough time
  • You’re too tired
  • You’re injured


  • You’re too busy
  • There’s too much on with the kids or work
  • You’ll start tomorrow
  • You struggle being consistent 

finally enjoy & stay consistent with your workouts…

It’s simple…
Just log in, roll out your mat and press play!

  1. Your daily class is always ready for you laid out in the monthly calendar, so you don’t have to think about what to choose.
  2. Or you can choose one to suit your time & mood from our selection of over 450 classes.

imagine this…


  • Having more time for friends & family
  • Having more money at the end of the month
  • Working out more often
  • Enjoying working out
  • Feeling confident, standing taller with better posture & feeling proud of yourself


  • Saving money on medication & massage
  • Doing more of the activities you love
  • Being pain free
  • Never being alone in your wellness journey
  •  Having more energy and fitness

‘Honestly in just 3 months you made a massive difference to me and my body – I love your classes!

Everyone is commenting on how much I have lost my weight – I didn’t btw – but I am a size smaller :). It wasn’t about that though I’m now more myself and that’s what counts.’

Core Fit Club Member

3 Features that make The Core Fit Club unique

1. An experienced Instructor to hold your hand at every step

All the Core Fit Club Members say Emma’s online teaching is very personalised, it feels like she’s actually in the room with you. She offers modifications for all levels & experience, unlike many other online programs.

2. A personalized journey- practice at your own pace and level

Emma provides a clear path and journey for you to suit your needs, level of experience & fitness level. Unlike other online programs, there is something for you no matter where you’re at in your journey, and Emma will help to guide you along the way.

3. Value for money – 1 x month costs less than 1 x single live Pilates class

Core Fit Club is extremely affordable and flexible. You get unlimited access to all the 450 classes for less than the cost of a single Pilates class per month. Plus there are no contacts. You can also cancel anytime.

Here’s What You Get when you become a member

A well laid out, easy to follow beginners journey

Emma’s detailed Essential course and initial 28 day beginner calendar, ensures you get the foundations of your Pilates practice before you progress. You’re set up for success by having the option of daily email reminders.

“I really like how it feels like we are doing the classes together, in the same room. Your explanations are great! I hardly have to look at the screen to see what I am supposed to be doing.”

Core FIt Club Member

Unlimited use of over 450 classes to choose from on demand.

Classes for all levels and times from 10 mins – 1.30 mins.

Pilates, Barre, Stretch, Yoga, Meditation, weight training, injury and pain relief tutorials.  As well as Prenatal Pilates should you fall pregnant while you’re a member!

Classes vary from body part focus, to back, shoulder and knee rehab classes. There’s a class suitable for your every need and mood.

Emma also includes tutorials on how to engage the right muscles and we also use props like, fit ball, roller, circle, hand weights and band.

‘I recommend ePilates classes to all my friends as Emma is such a good teacher, you feel as though she is there correcting your form. She gives several ways of doing things so that if you can’t do it one way there is another way that you can still get benefit from it.

Many classes are quite short so you can fit one in even if you don’t have a lot of time.

I always feel better having done one of Emma’s classes’

Christine Dolaldson
Core Fit Club Member

Access to the most supportive, inspirational community of like minded people online

When you join our community you feel like you’re joining a family – many members have been with us for over 5/6 years!

It is the most fun, welcoming and genuinely caring group of people.

We have members of all ages, in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s!

As a member you get to spark conversations, share your goals, achievements, wins & challenges, and get support during your Pilates journey. Emma also comes in to cheer you on!

I love the variety of classes and being able to choose something different every day, depending on the time I have available or the area I’d like to work on.

Even though I’m in the UK and Emma is obviously a long way away it feels like she is in touch with her members’

Katie Cleary
Core Fit Club Member

An easy to follow monthly electronic & printable calendar

You don’t have to think about what class to do. Emma creates a new calendar to follow every month, including classes for 6 Days of the week.

It usually has a specific focus for the month or a challenge to participate in.

This calendar takes the overwhelm out having to choose a class for the day.

Plus you can opt in for daily email reminders! 

‘I love the monthly schedule as this is my ‘go to’ every morning when deciding which class I shall do that day.’

Core Fit Club Member


New classes added each month

3 new classes are added every month so you never get bored! Plus you can even request a class!

You get to pick a class that suits your schedule, mood and needs on any day.

You get easy access to classes on-the-go and on all your devices. No matter where you are in the world, all you need some space, your phone, lap top, tablet or you can even plug me into your TV!  Classes are streamed where ever you can access the internet.



‘The variety of classes are great so I don’t ever feel bored with the same routines.

Emma also asks for feedback and makes new classes all the time.

Core Fit Club Member

‘Love this program. You can do whatever classes you want depending on the time you have.

Information and guidance are straightforward and easy to follow’

Core Fit Club Member

Meet Your Instructor Emma


My mission is to make sure you are cared for and achieving your goals.
I guide you through a personal Pilates journey and help you develop a regular routine.

With more than 19 years of Pilates and teaching experience, I’m able to anticipate your needs and understand what you will likely be experiencing at home. Doing my classes online will feel like I am actually in the room with you!

I will empower and educate you to have a good understanding of your body. Helping you to move confidently, pain free and be fit and strong enough to live your life to the fullest!

Staying Consistent With Your Workouts Has Never Been Easier!

Stream workouts on any device, at home or on-the-go!

This membership IS for you if:


  • You want to look after your body and make exercise a part of your life.
  • You want to save money on regular classes
  • You want to feel stronger, tone up, and stay regular in your routine.
  • You want to relieve aches and pains.
  • You are a Beginner and want to start Pilates
  • You are Intermediate Level and want to continue Pilates.
  • You practice Pilates regularly and are a supplement to your current routine.

This membership IS not for you if:


  • You don’t want to look after & learn about your body
  • You are less than 4 months post natal
  • You are advanced level

Please email me with your interest so I can let you know
when the advanced classes are available.

What happens when you sign up

All the videos are available to stream immediately after payment through a private members log in.

The videos are yours for the duration of the membership chosen.

Take a sneak peak inside the members area below..

What People Have To Say About Pilates &
The Core Fit Club 

I think there is incredible value for the money spent in this program. The support from both Emma and other people doing it is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. If you compare it to going to a gym it’s an incredible savings and you can do it on your own time from the comfort of your home or even when on vacation.

Meghan McCann

Core Fit @ 39

ePilates Online Deirdre
ePilates Online Janet

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the classes in the Core Fit Club and find the monthly class planner super helpful!”

Nivvy Venkatraman
Core Fit Club Member

“My tummy feels flatter now and it’s giving me some confidence again!
The posture alignment exercise helped me a lot. Not only does it help to correct my posture, it ‘magically’ removed my protruding tummy that looked like I was 4 months pregnant.
Looking forward to more sessions in the Core Fit Club.”

Su Lin Lim

I have been doing ePilates online Core Fit Club, for a couple of months now and I can’t say enough good things about Emma and the way she teaches.

She explains every move slowly and clearly so even a beginner to Pilates feels like they understand the moves.

I look forward to getting my mat out each morning and working out with Emma. It’s a wonderful way to start the day.


My core is stronger and my flexibility vastly improved I can now touch my toes and no longer have pain in my lower back!

Emma Farrow

Core Fit @ 34

“Emma is the most astute & knowledgeable Pilates Practitioner I have encounter, in 30 years of professional practice. Emma’s passion for her work is laudable”

Alex Sherborne
Physiotherapist, Physio Posture Fitness, Sydney Australia

ePilates Online Chantal
ePilates Online Bernice

“Trying to get to a local studio is not possible on top of all my responsibilities, my busy lifestyle and working long days.

I’m so relieved I discovered Emma Jory and ePilates Online!

I quickly signed up knowing I can access a pilates session anywhere at anytime.

With my ePilates Online membership I can access pilates at home or in the hotel room when I travel, my way (in my daggy trackies!) and on my terms.

Thank you Emma for such a lovely membership site and easy to follow modules!
I just love it! “

Penny Ward

“I would highly recommend the Core Fit Club, it makes me do Pilates more often.

I have become a complete convert and keep on telling people to do Pilates – with this membership, they can – anywhere in the world.

I wondered whether the videos were going to be easy to stream online but it’s been fine.

Emma’s instructions are very clear and the classes are just the right level for me. They are just the right length to do first thing in the morning in a hotel room.

Kelisiana Thynne

“I’d never done Pilates before and I find it very easy with the Core Fit Club.
The exercise library is very helpful in case of doubt.

I’m loving the variety of Emma’s classes (content and duration).
I love the fact I can do it whenever I want and for the time I have available.

Emma manages to make it fun, easy and efficient! Her explanations are clear.
Thanks Emma”

Magali Bulbar

ePilates Online Julie
ePilates Online Kendra

I was introduced to Pilates over 15 years ago, and had fallen in love with the exercise, the ethos, and how my body felt after participating. So in January when I happened across ePilatesOnline and Emma’s free 21 Day Challenge, I wanted to try it. I was looking to develop more consistency in moving my body and feeling more healthy. So I faithfully took part in the challenge.

It wasn’t long before I knew Emma was ‘the real deal’, her queues and explanations of the exercises are perfectly timed. I hear her voice in my head always to be mindful of which muscles I am activating. She showed different options for ability, built upon the level of difficulty. Anyone can join in. And the same applies to her ePilates Online website. She is adding to her classes monthly. She listens to her clients. She is so personable. I know I will always get an answer from her.

I love how Emma gives her clients the opportunity to follow a suggested schedule of workouts that she has put together each month, and also allows each individual to structure their schedule to their personal needs. She gives gentle reminders to be healthy, be mindful, and live a more full, happy life.

I’m so grateful that I happened upon this program, because it allows me balance and it challenges me. Physically, I am stronger and more flexible than I have been in years. I feel proud of my body, and after having two children, that is quite a feat. One of my goals to begin with was to obliterate my migraines, and with this program, I have far fewer crippling headaches, it allows me an outlet of the tension and the build-up of toxins.

Emma’s ePilates Online program is life-changing! 


Hello Emma
Thank you for your superb pro-active approach to all of us who are part of your core fit club.
Its truly been an amzing journey.
I loved the 21 d challenge .The best part about those 21 days was It actually showed me amazing small toning effects at places I had least expected like the side glutes, the tummy, buttocks and even sides of the chest.
However, you are aware that I had injured my back and knees during a fall. I had to take a 2 weeks break to recover from that. Once i was a bit better, I started with your stretch and back strengthening videos and my recovery was quite rapid. As of now I try to do as much as possible from the March calendar and it truly is amazing.
1)I feel like doing it myself. I don’t need to push myself to work out.
2)I am much more flexible than before.
3)I have had a history of 7 major injuries (5 fractures , 1 repeat at the same toe and 1 knee ligament tear ) in my youth.10-12 years down the line I have had major flexibility issues , chronic trapezitis , shoulder and neck spasms and both knees (cracking -one due to injured other due to overload). So I have tried everything in workouts but always ended up with worse injuries and pains . I use to stick to only Walks , yoga and occasional swimming.
But thanks to these (almost) daily sessions I feel relaxed, yet work out, satisfied, toning up at the right places though my weight is reducing slowly. But I love myself more. Thanks to your amazing training. Its been a wonderful journey.


I’m feeling more flexible, although I have a stiff hip, I moved awkwardly when riding a horse and it’s taking longer to heal, but it is improving! I have dropped a dress size and feel more confident about how I look, I also run regularly which has helped and I have less stiffness from running due to Pilates

Claire Hill

Core Fit @ 43

“I find it very difficult to stay motivated on my own. Emma helps me to stay accountable and consistent! 

Finally, I get the support I need to keep the motivation up and to keep going with exercise.

I really love Emma’s online classes. 
The fact that they are bite-sized and it does not mean I have to exercise for a whole hour at a time.

She also explains very clearly what and how. 
I always thought Pilates was very difficult because you had to think about your breathing, connecting your abs, holding your posture etc, all at the same time…She makes Pilates easy to do.

I also love her energy, calm and dynamic at the same time.
Thank you lovely Emma!! 

Madeleine Royere-Koonings

“I’ve suffered from back pain for 3 years, with no specific cause and countless failed treatments. After doing one month of Emma’s online back pain specialty classes I’m having my first pain free days. I particularly love that Emma’s videos are short enough that I can find time to do them daily, and it’s easy to make it a part of my routine, helping to avoid excuses for skipping class (mostly!). Despite being on the other side of the world (and pre-recorded!), Emma has a knack of knowing what I might be doing wrong at any given moment and the timely reminders to focus on particular aspects of my form are uncanny! I was also very grateful to Emma for personally responding to specific queries I had about how to look after my back. I feel very safe working out virtually with Emma, despite having an injury. Thank you Emma I’ll be forever grateful that I found you & ePilates Online!

Feroza Kassam-Mawji | Director

I absolutely love Epilates online. I joined about five months ago on the 14 day challenge, then went onto a monthly subscription & now have a year long membership.

I have a history of lower back disc problems, hip bursitis & neck pain. They have been treated so that i can now join a pilates program. I was looking for something that I could fit into my lifestyle.

I recently went on a six week holiday around the world & was able to do epilates regularly which assisted with maintaining mobility whilst in different flying conditions & accommodation. When i did experience pain i focussed on the back pain lesson 1 which helped me so much. Also, the yogalates chest opening lesson helped  whilst traveling.

I am now back home & yesterday was able to do two pilates sessions in the one day early morning and evening. They have helped strengthen my back, cope with pain & overall assist my health goals.The sessions are short & you can adjust to your level and how you are feeling each day.

Thanks Emma, I am so happy I found you!

( Western Australia)

ePilates Online Zuzana
ePilates Online Daily Emails
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ePilates Online Emma Malta Testimonial
Pilates Online CFC Testimonial Blurred (3)

In the past I had Pilates in studio and in group. There was no way to personalize the class.

With the Core Fit Club, I can choose whatever class or workout I want to do depending on my time and how I feel on that day.

Tanie Minyangadou

Core Fit @ 56

ePIlates Online Fay
ePilates Online Rafeeah
ePilates Online Mary Ann
ePilates Online Mona

“I’ve been a member since February 2020 and have just renewed my membership. It’s money well spent. I joined because I so loved the 21-day challenge in January 2020 and did every class.

It’s helped me build body and core strength after undergoing a mastectomy and chemotherapy 2 years previously, and it is helping me to strengthen my knee after a 2-year injury.

My favourite thing about the CFC is Emma’s cheerful smile, the range of classes to choose from and the Facebook group which makes you feel part of a group and offers motivation to keep going.

You should join because Emma has a huge range of classes to choose from – for all abilities and lots of tutorial videos too; she keeps in regular contact through emails, Facebook and Instagram which is a great motivation, and she is the best Pilates teacher I have come across. Despite being online she regularly provides advice and corrections which make you feel like she is in the room with you. Her fees are also very reasonable.  

Cathy Dale

ePilates Online CFC Testimonial for CFC Page 1
ePilatesOnline Anne-Challenge-Testimonial
ePilates Online CFC Testimonial for CFC Page 2

It has been a fantastic journey & I can honestly say I have been fulfilled beyond my expectations. Not only have I toned & strengthened my whole body I have really enjoyed Emma’s videos, am never bored & love the social scene with the Private Facebook Group.

Louise Warden

Core Fit @ 56

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my purchase risk-free?


There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel anytime by logging into your own account.

For monthly & 6 monthly option: There are no refunds for past payments, but future payments for the following month/6 months after cancellation will not be billed to you.

For annual option: We have a 7 Day Money back guarantee. We can refund your purchase if you notify us within 7 days of your purchase.
You can also choose to cancel your subscription at any time so that the following year will not be billed.

How long are the classes?

Between 5 mins and 1.5 hours long.

Most classes are 30 mins.

Do I always have access to the classes?

Absolutely! All the classes stay in your account for as long as you choose to stay as a member. You can choose to use the classes for as long as you like. All classes require internet access to stream..

What if I fall pregnant while a member?

That’s perfectly fine! I have Pregnancy safe classes inside the Core Fit Club membership. The classes are specifically designed for all stages of pregnancy.

Can you watch the videos in the Core Fit Club anytime?

Yes you can, they are pre-recorded videos that you can watch/stream and use anytime with internet access.

Are the classes suitable for seniors?

Yes they are, my mum loves my classes and she is about to turn 74!
I have many clients in their 60’s and 70’s, even 80’s.
I make sure the classes are safe and you always have modifications to do for your level.

How do I cancel if I sign up?

You can cancel anytime, you have control over your account and you only pay for the period of time you have signed up for. 

Try Core Fit Club Risk-Free


With Core Fit Club, there are no lock-in contracts. You can stay for as short or as long as you like, and cancel your subscription anytime and manage your own account status.


Get the support & guidance you need to start your Pilates journey online. Classes to suit all ages and fitness levels, even pain relief classes & tutorials included.

FREE 6 Day Body Toning Series


Start a habit, feel more toned, and strong in 5 mins per day!

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