FREE 6 Day Body Toning Series


Why this series will improve your life…

You will feel good in your clothes.

Strengthen & tone your body.

Stand tall and confident in your posture.

Relieve pain in your body.

Enhance your already existing routine.

Or kickstart you back into an exercise routine.

“‪Thanks for the videos! Just what I need travelling! I combined day one and two (and warm up) this morning and it was great!”

Kelisiana Thynne


What makes this series so good?

Videos are part tutorial/part exercise, so you get a good workout & valuable tips.

Workout in the comfort of your own home or while you travel.

Achievable length videos that are easy to fit into your life.

Get any questions answered & feel supported along the way.

“Really loved the videos. They are very well explained and demonstrated and feels like we are in an actual class.  Super happy to be doing this series”

Harris Coussidis


How it works and what’s included…

5 -10min videos sent to your inbox each day.

Access to Private Facebook Group where you get support and your questions answered.  

Tips for beginners & more advanced modifications.

Tips for any pain points you may feel.

Daily printable Tip Sheets.

Immediate access to 2 preparation videos.

The series will commence the day after you sign up.


Preparation Videos

1. Warm Up 

2. Learn Correct Abdominal Connection

Day 1 – Core/Abs

Day 2 – Legs

Day 3 – Arms

Day 4 – Glutes (my favourite!)

Day 5 – Waist & Inner Thighs

Day 6 – Back

Bonus Video


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Having the 6 days, working various body parts was a fabulous and easy way to see how pilates can work and benefit your entire body and wellbeing. Emails were an effective way to receive the lesson and worked well. The videos were great; both visual and audio and easy to follow along to in the comfort of home and even a hotel room’

Jaclyn Patterson


A program for all skill levels


This Series IS for you if;

You want help getting into a regular exercise routine.

You want to start to look after your body and feel strong and toned.

You are Beginner or Intermediate level Pilates.


This Series is NOT for you if;

 You are pregnant or post natal 3 months or below 

(I have a specific Pre & Post Natal series coming soon please enquire with me).

You have NOT been cleared by your doctor or physio to exercise without supervision after injury/surgery.

You want a really easy complete beginners pilates series…this series is suitable for beginners however it will challenge you.

You are advanced in Pilates and want advanced level exercises.
(If you would like complete beginner level explanations & level please sign up for my membership as I cover all this info in our principles)


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FREE 6 Day Body Toning Series


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