Bangsar Classes & Workshops
Kuala Lumpur 

Pilates, Yoga, Pre & Post Natal 


Classes & Workshops
Kuala Lumpur 

Pilates, Yoga, Pre & Post Natal

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Struggling to lose your mummy tummy?
Restore Your Core Post Natal Program
is for you! 



Understanding your Pelvic Floor…

Happy Mothers Day! I have an immense appreciation for mums. Naturally children come first for mothers, and when playing that role in life, mums often forget to take care of themselves. Self care is not always easy to do, even without children. Yet it's not until we...

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Pilates vs Yoga – Do you know the difference?

Can you believe we're already in May?! At the beginning of April I remember saying to myself, I had a whole month to complete my end of year accounts. That time went by so fast! I'm sure it was partly because I procrastinated on doing my accounts until the last...

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“I have more than halved my separation and I’m only half way through the ‘Restore Your Core Post Natal Program’!

Feeling so much better about my pre pregnancy body.

My posture has improved and I’m getting some flexibility back.” 

– Jaclyn Patterson


“I find it very difficult to stay motivated on my own. Emma helps me to stay accountable and consistent!  

Finally, I get the support that I need, to keep the motivation up and to keep going with exercising.
I love Emma’s online classes. The fact that they are bite-sized and it does not mean I have to exercise for a whole hour at a time.”
– Madeleine Royere-Koonings, Spiritual Coach 


“My tummy feels flatter now and it’s giving me some confidence again!
The posture alignment exercise helped me a lot. Not only does it help to correct my posture, it ‘magically’ removed my protruding tummy that looked like I was 4 months pregnant.

– Su Lin Lim

“Emma is the most astute and knowledgeable Pilates practitioner I have encountered, in 30 years of professional practice.

Her one to one work with mutual clients is outstanding. Emma’s passion for her work is laudable.”

– Alex Sherborne, Physiotherapist, Physio Posture Fitness 

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