Core Fit Club & Core Restore Program

Jess Nazarali, shares her journey from Core Restore Program to Core Fit Club, and the benefits she has received.
Take a listen to her here ….

“I’ve suffered from back pain for 3 years, with no specific cause and countless failed treatments. After doing one month of Emma’s online back pain specialty classes I’m having my first pain free days. I particularly love that Emma’s videos are short enough that I can find time to do them daily, and it’s easy to make it a part of my routine, helping to avoid excuses for skipping class (mostly!). Despite being on the other side of the world (and pre-recorded!), Emma has a knack of knowing what I might be doing wrong at any given moment and the timely reminders to focus on particular aspects of my form are uncanny! I was also very grateful to Emma for personally responding to specific queries I had about how to look after my back. I feel very safe working out virtually with Emma, despite having an injury. Thank you Emma I’ll be forever grateful that I found you & ePilates Online!

Feroza Kassam-Mawji | Director

Emma is the most astute and knowledgeable Pilates practitioner I have encountered, in 30 years of professional practice. Her one to one work with mutual clients is outstanding. Emma’s passion for her work is laudable.”

Alex Sherborne

Physiotherapist, Physio Posture Fitness

“I was nervous to try Pilates at first because I’m really inflexible, so I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

When I tried my first class with Emma I loved it. It was a better workout than I imagined.

I didn’t want just breathing and stretching. I wanted to sweat and work hard – and I did.

Sometimes I feel weak in my lower back which can cause pain and I’ve noticed its better after doing Pilates.”

Charlotte Glessner Monie

Kavita’s story is inspiring….
She sees the difference in her core strength, has healed an ITB injury and is now running injury free,
has gained more energy, so is needing less coffee…
This is all from from just 6 months doing Pilates with me online! Plus she’d never tried Pilates before.
She loves it so much she doesn’t just stope at a 20 min video she does up to an hour per day!
Take a listen …

“Really enjoying all your classes. The VMO sessions have really helped my knee and now I can pretty much cycle without discomfort….first time for a couple of years. I look in the mirror and I can see a bit of a waistline….I never knew I had one!”


“I’m thoroughly enjoying the classes in the Core Fit Club and find the monthly class planner super helpful!”

Nivvy Venkatraman
Core Fit Club Member

I like the way the sessions take my mind off current worries and make me feel stronger and calmer at the same time. I’m letting myself not be too results focussed and just enjoying my time on my mat.”

Linda Allard

Chantal’s story is inspiring….
She has has prevented surgery in her shoulder by strengthening this area, and stopping her shoulder from dislocating!
She loves the variety of classes in the Core Fit Club and has seen lots of benefits. Take a listen ….

I do like your ‘personal’ touch.

I have consistently been following your program since I signed up this year and have noticed an improvement in my overall strength and a major reduction in aches and pains especially my knees and shoulders.

I am so glad i can still spring out of bed in the morning without being stiff. I am 57 yrs old and you have inspired me to take care of my health, especially as your exercises are manageable and also challenging. You are a clear instructor. I also love that i can do them in my own time and feel connected to a ‘class session’

Deborah Hamilton-Smith

I am almost at the end of Emma’s Core Restore program, and it has been an interesting journey.

After completing Emma’s excellent “Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor” class in the Core Fitness program, I discussed with Emma how I could benefit from her Core Restore program. I was intrigued with Core Restore for several reasons, including my general interest in refining Pilates techniques and also reducing my recent pelvis floor discomfort. I was troubled by the target audience of Core Restore since at my advanced age I am definitely not postpartum (lol!) and in fact have never even been pregnant.

Emma reassured me that the program would be suitable for me, and I went ahead with it. In the beginning it was a bit weird to be part of an audience of postpartum women; however, as the program progressed this became less of an issue. Although I have been taking Pilates classes since the 1990’s, I have certainly learned a great deal from this outstanding Core Restore program and it’s been very helpful in fine-tuning my Pilates practice. As added value, I have experienced a noticeable reduction in pelvic floor discomfort.

Thank you, Emma for making available to us this unique program 💕

Alison M. Howie-Day

“My tummy feels flatter now and it’s giving me some confidence again!
The posture alignment exercise helped me a lot. Not only does it help to correct my posture, it ‘magically’ removed my protruding tummy that looked like I was 4 months pregnant. 
I have to make a conscious effort to make sure that my posture is right and that I am using the right tummy muscles at all times when I stand, sit, run and even when I lie down.
Looking forward to more sessions by Skype & the Core Fit Club.”
Su Lin Lim

Theresa share her experience doing the 10 Day Leg Toning Challenge.
Listen to her story how the challenge change her suffering from Sciatica.

 Christine talks about her journey through pre and postnatal Pilates both face to face with Emma & Online. She is a Core Fit Club member and completed the Core Restore Program. Take a listen to her story..

Kelisiana share her experience in joining Core Fit Club and what she thinks doing Pilates online.

“I was unsure about Pilates, because I had heard there was a lot of equipment involved – I was happy when I found out I only needed a Mat.

I didn’t think my body would be flexible enough and wondered at 35 if I was too old to get started. I was so happy to know I could do it.

I’m seeing my posture improve every week, and starting to see my body toning up. I’m also performing better in my PT sessions. I love that feel all over my body!

I have lost a bit of post baby weight which I could never budge before Pilates. I have also improved my posture, balance, & flexibility. I’m noticing I’m stronger.

I enjoy Emma’s friendly approaching to coaching the class, but also that she is there to teach us and we work hard for the duration of the class. I know the classes are never going to the same, never boring. Emma will tailor to everyone’s needs. It’s an enjoyable but strong and beneficial workout. No matter how many are in the room – She see’s everything – right or wrong!”

Jaclyn Patterson


“I’ve been getting many benefits from Pilates; overall muscle building and toning as well as an improvement in flexibility. All this is beneficial when playing with and lifting my kids, plus helping me to improve my swimming strokes. I also love the balance challenges in Pilates.

I enjoyed it far more than I thought, and want to keep doing Pilates. The level is good and its not easy, it always pushes me. It’s a lot to do with Emma’s teaching.

I really appreciate how Emma makes the classes very personalized. I love the way we have a laugh and Emma’s attitude towards each and every person is so friendly and positive. It’s both challenging and fun! Emma’s wealth of experience and friendly and down to earth character mean that you always feel relaxed and comfortable in her classes, but at the same time she manages to challenge and inspire you to learn more and to improve every time.

Classes are varied and interesting and Emma gives different levels for each exercise. I generally feel wobbly and like I had a super workout after class..”

Clare Harvey

Now I feel ready to move on to other activities that I wasn’t able to do before – I was so worried about doing more damage, but both my abdominals and pelvic floor seem much stronger now and I’m confident that as long as I keep up the core work I learnt, I should be able to do more high intensity training without problems.”

Sara Teale

“I would definitely recommend Emma as a Pilates Instructor to everyone who wants to tone up, have a real workout and especially anyone who wants to safely rehabilitate after an injury.

It is a real joy to have Emma Jory as my Pilates instructor. I had no hesitation about attending her classes as her warm, friendly and confident personality radiates from her and makes you feel secure in her ability to teach you safely.

I really like Emma’s style of teaching.. she is very knowledgeable and has a unique ability to explain exactly how to achieve moves. She always checks your form and advises you on adjustments to make so that you really get maximum benefit from each exercise.

I also appreciate the fact that Emma is always learning and attends new courses and updates her skills regularly.” 

Barbara Dunn

Registered Nurse

I most certainly am feeling better. I love your videos; the clarity of picture and the professional instruction you give. And the variety is impressive. As a result I am much more supple and my core is certainly stronger which are much needed qualities to have as a 66 yr old.

Gina Howard

“I found the Core Restore Program really useful.
I started 4 months after having my first baby with the goal of trying to get back into a regular exercise routine whilst learning how to flatten my stomach. It took me longer than 12 weeks to complete the program but I found the sessions to be enjoyable. As it was my first taste of pilates, I found the explanations Emma provided on each movement to be super helpful which is why I rolled over to the Core Fit Club membership. “

Nivvy Venkatraman
Core Restore Program.

I am so glad I came across your post the other day. For somebody who didn’t see herself working out, I am so excited to do the workouts and always look forward to getting the videos. I feel so light and stretching is now on my mind a lot.

I love the fact that I can do it in the comfort of my house, I practice breathing to open my chest/lungs whenever I want and I work my upper body when I am stuck in traffic. So, traffic doesn’t frustrate me now because I have found a distraction.

I even stretch my arms at my desk when I feel tense. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


I have been working from home since mid March and after I started doing your classes, I feel that you have become a “part of my family”. I must say that I’m “with you” more often than with my family members. I train every day after work, sometimes I do 2 or 3 classes in a row, and I always want to try another one…
I must say I clearly feel the benefits in my body, which has changed for the better.
Thank you, Emma, for having entered my life!

Ana Cristina Pimentão

“Emma’s teaching skills are second to none. Using her expert knowledge, she easily accessed my physical strengths and weaknesses, and put all her focus into providing me with tailored exercises for mind and body during my private sessions. Her group classes are always well run and varied. I would never feel like I was just one in a number of people, as Emma successfully provides each student with personal attention, without losing track of time or the rest of the group.” –

Louise Cooper

“The benefits I’m getting are amazing. Better posture, balance & exercising different supporting muscles. Better core strength is a biggy and also a more flexible back and body. Don’t want to be old and stiff!

Emma exudes confidence and has such a nice manner that puts everyone at ease, so I had no hesitations in doing Pilates with Emma.” 

Barbara Dunn

Registered Nurse

Emma Jory an  AMAZING TRAINER -dedicated and knowledgeable, provide modifications, and various levels to accommodate all levels and abilities during her training . She have been teaching  classes at Pantai Antenatal class for almost two years and I love the workout that she teaches the couples .

Elizabeth Richard
Lactation Consultant
Trainer & organiser of Pantai Hospital Antenatal Classes

The videos are very clearly explained. I was confused whether to go for online classes or not but you have explained very well,
It is easier to follow. – Proonima Rao 
Proonima Rao

Core Restore Member

” Thank you so much Emma for these classes!

They are helping me rebuild my strength after major neck surgery and it is motivating me to keep pushing!!

Thank you for your videos cant wait to see how I feel at day 21!”


“To be able to do Pilates at home without having to waste time commuting! And I like Emma’s video. I also admire Emma’s punctuality and the preciseness with which she follow up on everything. Happy to be part of this!”


Core Fit Club member

I am really enjoying the classes along with all my other fitness routines. I like to go to the gym 3 times a week to do my CV training & also do a few of my own stretches daily on waking. I wanted to incorporate the Pilates to give me an all round stretch & to strengthen my core. Sometimes I feel really well & manage to do more classes but sometimes for no reason my energy seems to flag & I can only manage one class a week. In an ideal world I would like to get to do a class a day, but I seem to run out of time. I really do enjoy your classes though & feel they do give me a really good all over body workout. I’m very glad I have subscribed to the core fit club, it has just filled that gap I can not get from the gym & I also enjoy the freedom of being able to do it at home & when I want to.”

Louise Warden

“I thought Pilates was just for the girls. Not tough enough for guys – but I was wrong! I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a good workout, its not easy. I have learnt some new things. Emma is a great teacher. I’ve benefited from better body awareness of some different muscles. Learnt some exercises properly – even the humble sit up. My back seems to be stronger and more durable since doing Pilates. I need less massages!”

Paul Dunn

Director, Dupont

I did the 21 Day Challenge!

I was really I’ll over Christmas with pneumonia and felt very lazy after lots of resting to recover.
I started this just after I felt better and I loved it.

I have done Pilates since I had my second daughter (she’s now 4) and have met many Pilates instructors for real and online. It seems to vary a lot.

Emma teaches in the style I like: sequences of fluid exercises, gradual progression, modifications and challenges with easy instructions.

I have also wanted to try Yoga and Barre before but never had the chance. I struggle to get to classes as I teach full time and have two young children.

I also like to run, swim and play netball. Fitting in core, stretching and strengthening work is hard. I like the short sessions.

So I’ve signed up for the year and am looking forward to getting a little routine going. Thanks Emma 

Kathy Helen

“I have become more confident and actually enjoy an exercise routine under Emma’s supervision. She is always positive and forgiving. I can feel the benefits of the correct breathing and alignment of the body during exercise and in daily life. 

My apprehensions and possible embarrassment at starting Pilates at the beginning were instantly allayed. I felt completely confident with Emma and she made feel comfortable. 

I appreciate Emma’s excellent knowledge of the physiology of movement and injuries. The explanations of each exercise made them interesting and relevant.

Emma has become a friend who genuinely cares. I can trust she will do the best for me and help me approach a more health lifestyle.

I would defiantly recommend Emma as a pilates instructor for first-timers and the more experienced, regardless of age. She has a great depth of knowledge and experience and a lovely warm nature.

As starting Pilates with Emma was my first venture into exercise in years, i needed the exercises reinforced more often. There are so many exercises, it can become a little overwhelming trying to remember them, but with positive feedback and Emma’s patience I can master some of them!  

Emma has been so  supportive of my limitations due to my knee surgery, but has also coached me into believing i can do more. I feel I have benefited greatly from the months of lessons both physically and in confidence. “

Alison Neumaier

“I’ve been a member since February 2020 and have just renewed my membership. It’s money well spent. I joined because I so loved the 21-day challenge in January 2020 and did every class.

It’s helped me build body and core strength after undergoing a mastectomy and chemotherapy 2 years previously, and it is helping me to strengthen my knee after a 2-year injury.
My favourite thing about the CFC is Emma’s cheerful smile, the range of classes to choose from and the Facebook group which makes you feel part of a group and offers motivation to keep going.

You should join because Emma has a huge range of classes to choose from – for all abilities and lots of tutorial videos too; she keeps in regular contact through emails, Facebook and Instagram which is a great motivation, and she is the best Pilates teacher I have come across. Despite being online she regularly provides advice and corrections which make you feel like she is in the room with you. Her fees are also very reasonable. “

Cathy Dale

Emergy Pilates Lounge – Emma’s previous Sydney Pilates Studio

“Emma is an amazing Pilates teacher. Not only are her classes challenging, they are enjoyable too. Emma has created a wonderful atmosphere for working out in. Her welcoming and positive personality makes it easy to exercise. Her gentle and happy disposition creates a great ambiance in the studio, attracting a group of clients that are also friends. Emma is very friendly, personable and puts you instantly at ease. She really cares about sharing her love and expert knowledge of Pilates to make a difference to her clients health and fitness. I really miss my sessions with you Emma!”

Georgie Rees

“I have been taking classes at Emergy for a few months now. Prior to this I was at a larger studio and found that I was getting injuries and had chronic problems in my body due to the size and nature of the classes. Since I have been doing Emma’s classes my body is now flexible and I no longer have any of these problems. Emergy is totally different — the classes are very personalised and the teachers are hands-on and work with each person’s individual needs and body type. I would recommend Emergy to anyone who is looking for a studio with well-trained instructors and personalised attention in a lovely warm relaxed environment.”

Rosie Netterfield

Television Presenter

“Emma is a wonderful teacher with a marvelous personality. The teaching was tailored to what I was able to achieve, and after nearly one year I can confidently say my golf swing and game has improved, and perhaps more importantly my posture, balance and general fitness, has also improved.”

Peter Tulloch


“You’ve initiated me to Pilates and that will stay with me for a lifetime”


“I have been attending Emergy Pilates Lounge since it opened and always look forward to my classes. Emma and all her instructors are highly skilled and professional and pay special attention to each client’s needs. I feel stronger and healthier, my chronic neck pain has reduced and my posture has improved. Emergy is like a haven away from my busy world.”

Joanne Shannon


“Emergy’s atmosphere and wonderful staff create an energetic, healing experience with positivity, kindness and guidance. I am eight months pregnant and have been searching for a suitable Pilates studio now since the beginning of my pregnancy.

I found many local studios/teachers were not able to give me the care, support and workout that I was searching for. Having a background in personal training myself, I enjoy a challenging yet safe workout which will allow me to maintain my strength and fitness levels throughout my pregnancy.

Since I discovered Emergy recently, through their warmth, encouragement and highly skilled trainers, I have become not only addicted to attending my three weekly Reformer classes, but I am also enjoying a healthier, stronger and happier pregnancy. I whole-heartedly recommend Emma and the team at Emergy to everyone. I feel truly blessed to have found Emergy at such an important time in my life. I will certainly remain a happy and dedicated client well after the birth of my baby and look forward to taking part in the mums and bubs class soon. Thank you, thank you.”

Rebecca Betshchwar


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