Have you ever said you hated your body?

I don’t recall directly say it to myself, but I certainly behaved that way in a couple seasons of my life.

I would not only exercise with the goal to lose weight, but I also suffered from bulimia.

During those times, I was not in a healthy place in myself.

Fast forward to today…

I exercise less than before, I never diet, I’m in a far happier place mentally, and I manage to consistently maintain a healthy weight.

I know for a fact that diets and punishing yourself with hard core exercise don’t work to keep a healthy body and weight.

Smart exercise, a healthy mindset and eating lots of vegetables on the other hand does work!

The things I always preach to my clients.

“Workout to feel good not to punish yourself”.

Working out because you ate junk food, is not going to help you build a sustainable practice and or keep a healthy weight long term. It only causes more stress, which has the opposite effect on our body, than what we want.

☝️Take note of your mental state while you’re working out.

👉Reach out to me in the comments below and let me know if this is helpful for you or if you have any thoughts on this topic. 💫 Be sure to tag a friend or share if you think this may help someone you know.

If you’d like some accountability and inspiration for your workouts, be sure to join us tomorrow – 23rd September, for the 7 Day Cardio Pilates Challenge!

The challenge includes, Pilates, Barre & Pilates inspired HITT classes!

Hope to see you on the Mat!
Love Em x

7 Day Cardio Pilates Challenge

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