Did you know you have a different body every day?​​​

Depending on how you how well you slept, what you eat, how stressed you are, what activities you do each day, how you sit etc….

​​It’s important to train the body you have on that particular day and listen to what it needs.

​​One day you may need a stretch, one day you may need weights, a gentle workout or a stronger workout.

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One of the most important things I teach my clients is to listen to their body.

So what does that mean and why is it so important?

It’s really about tuning in and hearing the messages your body is telling to you about what it needs, at that point in time.

Listening to your inner guide / your intuition.

ePilates Online Blog Listen to your body

For example, if you’re feeling depleted of energy, from being sick or too busy and or perhaps feeling stressed, adding a high energy class is not always going to benefit you as much as perhaps a slower paced, relaxing class.

A good analogy is to imagine your body like a car, if the car fuel tank is low and almost empty, you probably wouldn’t go on a long fast drive, you’d head straight for the petrol station and fill up your tank.

Think of your body in the same way.

Because your energy tank is low, you wouldn’t want to deplete yourself and use all your fuel and push yourself in a high energy class.

Instead if you gave yourself a more relaxing slow paced class, it may give you more energy and nourish you instead.

However, if you know you’ve been sedentary, and are tired from not doing much physical movement, but yet you’re still mentally stressed, a higher energy class maybe a good choice and actually give you more energy.

You have to determine what is right for your body.

One way to do that is to notice how you feel after you workout.

That’s often a good way to feel if what you’re doing is good for your body at the time.

Notice that you may still feel tired after a workout but still feel energised and good from it, and like you want to go back again. This is different than exhausted and drained and not feeling like you want to do it again another day.

Reach out if you have any questions and let me know if it has helped you in anyway.

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Thanks and can’t wait to see you on the Mat!

Love Em x



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