Monday took a twist we never expected.

My husband and I went for a swim & were about to walk home via the road. I said let’s walk along the beach. I headed to the top part of the beach, Mark said let’s go via the waters edge.

It was those decisions & Mark’s intuitive nature, that possibly saved a guy’s life.

He noticed a girl looking distressed by the waters edge, she was looking at a guy swimming.

Mark asked her if the guy was ok, she said ‘No, he’s been out there for a long time”.

We realised he was caught in a rip – a strong current. He was far away from the flagged area where we should be swimming.

Mark said to go get a life guard. So I ran all the way back to the swimming area waving my arms.

Little did I know while I was gone, Mark went in to help the guy.

No one saw me as I ran towards the crowded area, I kept looking at the lifeguard van, but he didn’t see me yet.

The people on the foreshore who had gathered to watch Mark go in, we’re now yelling help.

I started to yell as well, while I kept running, still no one heard me, no one was realising.

I kept yelling “Get the life guard”, finally, a girl got up who was closer & got his attention.

The guard started to drive towards me. I ran back to the spot pointing to the spot, with him following me. It was then that I saw Mark was in the water too. I was so worried he’d be caught as well.

He was fine and actually saved the guy. He was going under & swallowing a lot of water when Mark reached him. The guard then got there and bought him in. He was so grateful. So lucky.

The body is an interesting thing. I felt like I had heart burn for an hour after. I found it hard to breath. My diaphragm was on fire- the muscle that helps us breath, that sits under the rib cage. I think I was in shock from it all. I was fine mentally but my body had responded in the fight and flight response- the diaphragm had seized up!!

I’m ok now, but it’s just fascinating how our body responds. Mark was incredible. So calm-a natural.

Our body is often in a state of stress on a regular basis, just from daily stressors, work, family issues, financial worries. It doesn’t need to be an incident like todays.

It’s so important we exercise to release our stress. Important to do breathing exercises to calm the body. Pilates and Yoga are great to help reduce stress and improve our breathing. I’m grateful to know about the body to realise what was going on. Today was a reminder how precious life is.

The couple were so grateful. They had never been to the beach here before and didn’t know to swim between the flags.

Today was a miracle. Look out for the miracles every day. They are there. Small ones or big ones, they are always there.

If you’d like some accountability and inspiration for your workouts, be sure to join us tomorrow – 18th September, for the 7 Day Cardio Pilates Challenge!

The challenge includes, Pilates, Barre & Pilates inspired HITT classes!

Hope to see you on the Mat!
Love Em x

7 Day Cardio Pilates Challenge


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