This week’s ‘Mondays on the Mat’ episode was all about breathing.

I know it doesn’t sound very interesting at first, however keep reading for a few moments to understand why I think it’s wise to be interested.

On a side note, thought it this topic was timely due to the unfortunate loss of two well liked celebrities last week; Anthony and Kate.

Sadly stress, depression and anxiety are so common in our society.

Knowing good breathing techniques can really help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is one of the main reasons I’m so adamant about people knowing this information. (so please be sure to share this post with anyone you know who is struggling and could benefit from this information).

Good breathing also helps in weight loss, so if you’re needing to lose weight to feel healthy, then this of interest to you as well.

When we’re stressed we breathe inefficiently, we also release negative hormones in the body, which not only effects how well the body functions and our moods, but it also causes the body to hold onto and store unnecessary fat.

To understand more and how you can improve your breathing click below to watch the video;

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Here’s what people are saying about the programs;

I find it very difficult to stay motivated on my own. Emma helps me stay accountable and consistent! 
Finally, I get the support I need, to keep up my motivation and keep going with exercise. 

I love Emma’s online classes. The fact that they are bite sized, it means I don’t have to exercise for a whole hour at a time. 


Core Fit Club Member

I just had to send you a quick email to say, I’m really looking forward to seeing what classes you have created this month. I love Pilates and have been doing different streaming Pilates in the past. I’m so thankful I have found your site – I love it!  I get so excited for the new videos. it’s like a special gift!


Core Fit Club Member

Very helpful video – I appreciate the illustrations that you have added in the beginning as well (I’m a very visual person!). Happy to see that my Diastasis Rectis has reduced over the past month (being more mindful of my breathing, posture and ‘squeezing’ in some pelvic exercises when I remember) from 2.5 fingers to about 1.5 fingers (widest at the centre by the belly button)! It’s about 1/2 inch deep as well. Can’t wait to fully close the gap and get back to my normal core routine. 


Core Restore Program Member

Thank you for providing such an amazing membership. Both myself and my clients benefit greatly through new ideas and different takes on exercises. 


Core Fit Club Member


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