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Today we switch to Yoga!

For many years I didn’t enjoy yoga. I’d try different types of classes and never went back.

Then eventually my body needed it and I began to finally understand the benefits – I was ready.

Since then, I’ve been dabbling in different types of Yoga for many years and knew one day I would end up teaching it. 

It wasn’t until I moved to Malaysia, that I found a style which I connected to enough to train as a teacher.

This style really touched me, as it was one that emphasised mindfulness, meditation and the philosophy of Yoga, rather than just getting into crazy asanas (poses).

Don’t get me wrong, I love challenging myself and doing some fun poses, however I believe Yoga should be accessible to everyone and not everyone can or even wants to do some of those poses (at first at least). 

My teaching fuzes a few different styles and is one that will suit most people, that includes mindfulness/meditation as the focus.

I hope you enjoy some of my Yoga teachings.

Be sure to ask me any questions at all and let me know how you go today! 

As always head over to the facebook page and check in or in the comments below if you’re not on faceobook.


Lots of love 


PS If you’d like to know more about the difference between Pilates & Yoga… check out this blog I wrote – Pilates & Yoga – what is the Difference



  1. Tracy

    Great! Day 6 done

    • Annette Scott

      Day 6 done thank you

  2. Neha

    This was the best…loved it

    • Patricia

      Day 6th done!

  3. Zonica Bok

    Good day

    I just love the shoulder exercises so nice

  4. Susan Swamy

    Day 6 done !!!!
    That was a nice stretch ☺️
    Thanks Emma

  5. Izabela

    Day 6 Done.

    Welcome Yoga.
    I have some tight hips and quite noisy – lots of clicking with flexing/ rotation but thoroughly enjoyed these hip opening session.
    Thank you Emma
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s session

    • Emma Jory

      Sounds like you need to do the hip release often if they are clicking. Good for you x

  6. Anita


  7. Marian

    Day 6 check! I didn’t realise a pillow could make sitting upright effortless…I thought I already sat well enough but saw a difference! Thank you for explaining this.

    • Emma Jory

      Pleasure! That’s great you have seen the difference x

  8. Sahana

    I found day 6 video.
    Done with my challenge.

  9. Paula Leckie

    Testing my non flexibility. So was a great start for me. Thank you

  10. rla

    What a great introduction! I have taken many a yoga class and very different forms and no one has ever given such a thoughtful introduction to the practice for newcomers or those that assist class just for exercise purpose. Nicely put. Thank you!

    • Emma Jory

      My pleasure so glad you enjoyed it and it resonated with you. 🙂 that is great it helped. Thanks for sharing your feedback as well. x

  11. Andrea

    Hi Emma, I’m struggling with anything that involves me lying/rolling onto my back, I’m managing everything else fine and really enjoying the workouts, is there anything you can suggest for the lower back

    • Emma Jory

      HI Andrea, can you email me with more detail about your back? What is the injury or issue? Have you had it long? Do you mean your lower back hurts anytime you lie on your back? Em

  12. Tamra

    Day 5, 6 and 7 completed tonight. Loving yoga! I have not done it in years – it feels so good! Thank you for doing these for us.

    • Emma Jory

      wonderful awesome you’re loving it x

  13. Annette Scott

    Thank you did 5& 6, ouch for arms but good loved the yoga after.

  14. Jan

    Em you sound just like the lady on the App Calm . Loved it.

    • Emma Jory

      Oh thank you ! Don;t know her but she is obviously sounding calm haha x

  15. Salma

    Emma you are simply the best instructor! I’ve been using a yoga app during lockdown but none of the exercises have stretched my hips like your day 6 sessions. Really enjoying your 21 day challenge!

    • Emma Jory

      Wow great news Salma! so happy to hear this! Well done! Yes that’s one of my fav hip openers! Glad you enjoyed it. So glad to hear you’re enjoying them, Thanks for sharing xxx


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