How are you coping during quarantine?

To be honest, I’ve had a couple of tough moments.

At the time it can feel negative. However when we’re living with awareness and constantly wanting to grow personally, it can be seen as a positive, lesson or reminder, needed in order to send us in a different direction or take us to a new level in our consciousness.

Everyone is having a different experience during these crazy times. Some people have more time, responsibilities and life pressures and some have less.

I’ve been on the more responsibilities and less time scale. So much, that I realised today was my first half day off since our lockdown 2 months ago. No wonder I felt like I was going a little loopy in this house alone for 2 months!


It can be easy to keep pushing through, thinking we’re not doing enough. Learning to say no sometimes is really important.

I’ve not taken care of myself many times in my past, and in the end it’s lead to breakdowns of different sorts. Now I’m far more aware and see the signs of burnout. Thankfully I recognised how busy life became for me lately, and consciously took a step back from some things I’d planned.

We have to always remember to put our health and wellbeing in high priority.  This includes being kind to ourselves, and realizing that we ARE doing enough.  We’re always doing our best 

This can relate to exercise, to work, to raising children, relationships. Whatever it is.  We don’t set out to intentionally not do something well. We always do the best we are capable of doing at that time.

Too often we are also our worst critic, and don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we’re already doing or have done. 


Since social media came along, more challenges are thrown to us. We now see what others are doing, and we sometimes compare ourselves.

I recently read an article on this topic. Apparently there is a thing called Quarantine Comparison. Many people are seeing what others are doing right now and not feeling like they’re doing enough. It’s so easy to fall into this trap.  Yet it’s really important, now more than ever, to not compare, as all of our situations are different right now.

We already have so many extra stresses on us than we normally did pre Covid-19.  We have to remember what is shown on social media is never the full picture of someone’s life.

For example when it comes to our exercise. Some of us will be doing more than others. Some have more time than others. So it’s really important to measure yourself against you only.


.Sure, we often need to view what others are doing to inspire and motivate us, and to help us along our way,   It’s not to feel bad on ourselves that we are not doing enough. Use it for inspiration not comparison.

Always check in on your self talk. Are you being kind to yourself?

If you do 10 mins are you saying great, I have just done 10 mins – well done. Or are you saying, I should be doing more?

If you didn’t workout for a certain period of time, are you beating yourself up, or are you saying,”that’s ok my life couldn’t allow it right now, as I had other priorities that needed to take priority”.

Check in. Be happy with your achievements. Sure set goals, eg tomorrow I would love to do more, perhaps 30 mins instead of 15 mins. Or I will increase each day. Whatever your goals are. But get in the habit of saying to yourself, “today I’m so happy I just managed to fit in 10 mins and I feel so much better for it.”

On the flip side, if you are doing lots of exercise already, are you allowing yourself to have a rest day? Are you feeling like you are pushing yourself ? Like you can’t push yourself anymore?

Listen to your language. Is it loving?

Are you enjoying what you’re doing, and the feelings you get after. OR do you feel exhausted and depleted and never satisfied that we have done enough ?

Be sure to tell yourself you ARE doing enough

Let me know how you’re feeling in he comments below.

Sending lots of love and positive vibes.

Em xx


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