Do you ever suffer from neck or shoulder pain?

It’s common in today’s society when we’re all looking down at our smart phones and lap tops so often. 

I had a request from a follower recently, to share some neck stretches in my ‘Mondays on the Mat’ blog.

So today I want to show you some of my favourite stretches to relieve tension in the neck and upper traps (neck/upper back muscles).

I regularly finish my classes with these stretches because it’s such a neglected area.

We don’t always think about stretching our neck, and yet it works really hard to hold up our head (of about 7kgs) and compensate for our sometimes poor posture!

You can watch the video and the exercises are listed below as well.

PS: be sure to leave me a comment in the comments below if you found this useful and share with a friend who you know would need it. 🙂

Stretches to relieve neck & shoulder tension 🙇‍Mondays on the Mat with Emma #8Please share with anyone you know who needs these stretches. Thank you 🙏

Posted by ePilates Online on Sunday, 22 July 2018

Stretches to relieve neck & shoulder tension

Align the head on the neck

– In a seated up right position. 
– Place hand on back of nape of neck or back of head
– Gently press the skull back slightly so it aligns more on top the neck
– You can hold this for 5 – 10 seconds
– Make sure you are already seated in good posture and looking forward to start

Neck stretch 1

1. Sitting up right
– Always looking forward, drop Right ear towards right shoulder
– Make sure your body is not leaning it’s your neck bending.
– To add more intensity reach the left arm slightly to the floor
– Change sides

2. Repeat but also add turning the head slightly to look at the arm pit, feeling more stretch in the back and side of the neck.
– Change sides

3. Repeat all the above in 1 & 2 
– Then roll the head down the front of the body up to the other side, and change, repeat as many times as you like to feel more the back of the neck stretch. 

– Make sure you are already seated in good posture and looking forward to start


Let me know how these stretches go for you i the comments below! 

I’d love to hear from you! 

Be sure to share with anyone you know who can benefit from these Pilates & stretching tips. 

Lots of Love and see you soon on the Mat! 

Em xo

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