Often Christmas is referred to as the silly season – well in Australia anyway.

It’s because for some, Christmas is a often a time when there are more social invitations and jobs to like buying gifts and or travelling to visit family.

However we have a choice if we want to feel stressed or frazzled during this time.

I try to do do less, so don’t often feel stressed.

I guess not having kids helps too!

Here are 5 tips to making the holiday period less stressful!

1. Ease the shopping duties by cutting down on gifts
Introduce Kris Kringle to your family, or workplace. This means you only buy a gift for one person, rather than gift for everyone. Every person in the group gets one gift.

Or donate money to a charity. Send your family member a card saying you have donated to a certain charity as their gift. This is a wonderful way to contribute to those who need it most.

2. Buy gifts online to avoid the busy shops or lines at the post office.
Check out the ePilates Online Gift Vouchers if you haven’t already >>> Gift Vouchers  

Give the gift of health and take advantage of the discounts I have left available for Christmas until December 25th!

3. Fit in a quick workout to relieve and prevent any feelings of stress
Working out relieves stress, increases our production of happy hormones and gives us more energy during the day! Take a walk or throw on one of my Pilates classes from your phone or desktop.

Try this Glute & Inner Thigh workout, taken from my Online Pilates studio, the Core Fit Club. Available until December 31st.
Click this link or the photo below

4. Say NO to some outings.
We often feel obligated to catch up during the Christmas period. However it’s just as easy to have a new year catch up with friends. Good friends and family will understand.

Take a look at your calendar and mark out some time for you where you may have said yes too many social activities. Instead mark up some time for yourself in the calendar, maybe book a massage and or take a bath. Wow that sounds amazing doesn’t it! I think I have just sold myself on those! 🙂

5. Just breathe
Yes something simple as focusing on your breath for a couple of rounds will help you feel calm and centred. This doesn’t mean forcing a big breath or creating tension to breath differently. Just pay attention to the IN breath and the OUT breath. It will help to keep you connected to your body and out of the busy mind!

Try it and let me know how you go!

I hope these tips were helpful

Let me know in the comments below your best tips for the silly season!

Sending lots of love

Em x

PS: Stay tuned in to my emails, as I’ll be announcing something fun coming in January!

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