🎉Happy New Year! 🎉

Have you been keeping up your exercise over the new year period?

If not, you’re not alone!

To help you kick start your routine or help you continue to stay consistent with your workouts, I’ve got the perfect challenge for you!

The 21 Day Pilates, Barre & Yoga Challenge!

It gets brilliant results, not only physically but also mentally.

It’s great to help build consistency, improve all over strength (especially core), flexibility and also helps you tone up.

We kick off Monday 17th January.

No equipment is necessary!

Suitable for beginners.

Classes are just 10-15 mins, so it’s easily achievable!

To join click the button below 👇

Be sure to forward this email to your friends so they can also join in on the fun!

Sending you lots of love, peace, health & happiness for 2022!

Em xx

PS – hit reply if you have any questions.


How to stay consistent with your workouts

How to stay consistent with your workouts

How's your consistency when it comes to working out? Apart from my morning stretches, or my go to regular exercises, I know if I don't plan ahead to fit in a workout, it doesn't always happen. I can easily get caught up working or doing other things. So for me, a plan...

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Happy Birthday Joseph!

Today is Joseph Pilates' birthday! It's funny how someone I never met and never will meet, has had such a major influence on my life. I'll be be eternally grateful to this man. I still remember my first Pilates class, over 25 years ago. I left feeling amazing......

How Pilates Can Support Us During Menopause 

How Pilates Can Support Us During Menopause 

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