I’m so excited to have opened  ‘‘ePilates Studio’ in Burleigh, Gold Coast, Australia!

This is my second, brick and mortar Pilates studio. My first was Emergy Pilates Lounge, in Sydney, which I ran for over 7 years, before selling it to move to Malaysia.

It was very busy studio. At it’s peak, I had over 20 staff, and the studio was operating 10 hours a day most days, 7 days a week. To read more about it click here.

I would have loved to have opened another studio in Malaysia, however, we were never sure how long we would be living there, which is why I started ePilates Online.

I’m grateful I didn’t open a studio, as I may not have started ePilates Online and have the opportunity to train all the amazing students from all over the world that I do today.

When I moved back to Australia, just over a year ago, I had the urge to have my own space again, not only to train clients, but to also double as a filming studio/office for my online business.

If you believe things are mapped out for us at times, then you’ll understand when I say, the universe provided me with a wonderful space! I really didn’t have to look!

I came across it by accident when we were air-bnb-ing it the space. One thing led to another and here I am today, nestled amoungst the gum trees, below a Yoga Studio, Chiropractic and Acupuncture clinic.

I have been officially open for business now for approximately 15 weeks (started in June 2023), and have had some wonderful results with clients so far.

I hope you like the video above, which I had made in the first week of opening…the stuido looks a little different now!

Take a listen to some of the wonderful success stories – can you resonate with any of them?

Emma has been amazing at getting me back on track with my health and fitness. As someone struggling with sciatic nerve pain, she is giving me a new lease on life providing me incredibly useful exercises and advice to get back on track. She is kind, patient and has a wealth of knowledge to suit individual client needs. Would recommend her to anyone from those recovering from injury to those looking to enhance their physical capabilities and strength.

Hugo Sherlock

Learn about Marlyn’s results…

I have helped her to realign her hip, after 7 years of pain, and often using a walker frame when it has been really bad. She was unable to bend her leg at the hip when sitting up. She could only tie up her shoe laces by keeping her leg straight out in front of her, and leaning forward to reach her foot.

After 1 session we realigned it and reduced her pain. She was able to bend her hip again. Her second session, we helped to strengthen the leg back into the correct alignment and she was able to put pressure on her foot when walking which she was unable to do before our session.

Marilyn Google Review Testimonial

Learn about Lyn’s results…

Came into the studio, wanting to improve her health.

She was initially hardly able to move her spine, with no core connection or abdominal strength at all.

She used her shoulders and glutes for her core, and was used to holding her breath when she did anything in life.

In just 20 sessions she is now seeing her neck!

Her shoulders are no longer living  around her ears, she’s now using her back and core muscles instead of shoulders to support her.

She can also move her spine a lot more that before, and her posture has improved.

She is also losing inches around her waist, and now sees a waist developing, which she has not had in years. 

Learn about Rachael’s results…

Came to see me for pain in her lower back, from lifting her grandchild, we fixed the pain in one session, from specific stretches.

She has also learnt that she was doing sit ups wrong all her life, and now has the technique to do them without feeling neck pain. 

She sent her husband to see me, who had shoulder pain and we had him moving his arm and shoulder more than he had in years without pain, just after 2 sessions. 

Learn about Fred’s results – 78 years

Came to be with back and knee pain, and after 2 sessions, noticed he could walk further in his day without pain in his back or knee.

He used to need to stop when he walked for 5 mins, now can walk for as long as he needs to and doesn’t feel any pain.

He is no longer taking pain killers.

Learn about Mel’s results…

Mel improved her pelvic floor strength after 3 sessions and was able to go to hold on longer before needing to go to the toilet.

These are just some of the many success stories I’ve had with clients in my new studio, in the past 13 weeks. 

Pilates has the power to heal the body, with guided help, patience and the will to want to change your body and heal, anyone can get these results. 
If you live on the Gold Coast, or know someone who does, please come and see me or share my details with them. I would love to train you or your friends and family. 

I also offer online zoom consultations for anyone who is unable to come to my studio on the Gold Coast. 

Plus I teach all my techniques in my online studio, The Core Fit Club. 

Join hundreds of other happy Core Fit Club members where you can access all my classes anytime, anywhere.

Lots of love 

Em x


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