Embracing Change

Four years ago, almost to the day, I left Australia to move to Malaysia with my husband.

This was one of the best decisions of my life.

Yet reaching that decision was not easy at first.

I was not only saying goodbye to many beautiful family and friends.

I also said goodbye to my business Emergy Pilates Lounge, my baby for 6.5 years and all the amazing clients and instructors who worked with me and shared my passion of movement for many years.

I wanted to share a bit about my story of change, fear, manifesting, commitment, self belief, hard work, following your dreams and success. Not only to share a bit about my life but hopefully something in my story will help you or resonate with you.

Emergy Pilates Lounge was born from the desire to create a space where others could come and share my passion of Pilates.

I wanted to create a hub, where people felt welcomed, part of a community, at home and in good safe hands.

Even though I had this deep desire to start the business, it was not an easy decision. I battled with self belief, thinking I wasn’t ready and or good enough, as well as the conflicting advice and opinions of others.  

It was one of my regular clients who’s words rang true to me one day when he said  ‘What are you waiting for, you will never be ready’. 

It’s true, we are never ready, we can only take the first steps, and learn as we go. 

These words will always stay with me. We can always find reasons to not do something and sabotage ourselves, or our potential.

I searched for the right space, talked to many about different opportunities, even looked at businesses to buy, but nothing felt quite right. 

Until one day the universe provided me with the right space, and it flowed from there. This is another story in itself!

I didn’t know it at the time, but now realise I was very good at manifesting. As I look back and analyse the situations, I see how powerful my thoughts were. I brought to life all I wished for. 

I had some wonderful people help me get the studio off the ground, with renovations, flyer drops, branding, painting, and even help to find the location. I’ll always be truly grateful for all their contributions. They know who they are.

I didn’t have a business plan, goals, targets, I didn’t even have a website!

I jumped in feet first and just did it! I just knew I had to. It was my calling.

I started out with 3 reformers, a wall unit and an arc barrel. 

This meant small classes, with lots of attention. 

Emergy Pilates Lounge was born.

Clients started to trickle in.

I worked hard (which was all I knew at the time) teaching and growing the business.

The business grew organically, which now, looking back, I know is really the best way. This is how good solid relationships are built.

I had to continue to teach clients and classes in other locations to keep my income coming in while I slowly built the Emergy clientele from scratch.

I was very focused. Little did I know at the time Emergy would become a thriving hub and be put on the map as a well renowned studio in Sydney.

I went from having just me teaching 4 classes per week on the timetable and doing all the administration, while also working in various other locations, to 6.5 years later having 20 staff, (17 Instructors and 3 administration assistants) and the studio operational from 6am – 9pm, 7 days per week.

Most of the days (except Sunday which was maybe 4-5 hours) the studio was operating with 8-9 hours of classes per day and sometimes more privates and or semi privates.

Emergy became the STOTT Pilates host training centre for many years , training and mentoring new instructors.

Emergy also become the first studio in Australia to start the now famous Barre Classes.

I was blessed to be able to sell Emergy Pilates Lounge to an amazing lady (again another manifesting story), who still to this day, continues to operate Emergy and nurture it’s instructors and clients, some who are still there from the beginning.

I’m eternally grateful for the amazing relationships and experience had during this time of my life with Emergy.

I loved my life then, and I love my life now. 

I believe we have different chapters in our lives, and if you’re open to it, nothing really has to stay the same forever. 

In fact this is what helped me to initially start my business. I was nervous to commit.  I thought for a moment it was to be my decision forever. 

I remember someone said to me at the time I was deciding to start the business, that it doesn’t have to be forever.  That was all I needed to hear! 

It wasn’t forever and sometimes we have to know when the time is right to move on to the next chapter of our lives.

I believe the more we are open to change in life, the more we learn and grow.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on embracing change.

Share with me below in the comments.

Lots of love


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