“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause” – Cecilia Tran

I’ve just regrouped after quite a busy month. 

Today I’ve enjoyed having some quite time. Admittedly I’ve been at my lap top catching up on work most of the day, but it’s been nice as I haven’t even left the house! 

I just needed to have stayed in PJ’s and it would be a real homey day! hehe 

My husband and I recently said goodbye to family who were visiting.

That’s never easy! 🙁 

While the in-laws where here we took them to a beautiful Thai Island called Koh Lipe (which I think will be a future retreat destination).

We also had my sister stay a while in KL, after attending my April, Bali Retreat.


I spent two weeks with the flu unfortunately (for the first time in my life that I can remember).

I had no energy, which meant I had to actually stop and rest.   Something that has never been easy for me.  

I also stopped exercising while I was unwell as my body was so tired. I’m only just getting back into it again now. It feels like I’m starting from scratch, having to build up strength and stamina.

In the past I would have worried about this, losing fitness etc. Not these days. I’m much kinder to myself, happier to accept what is.

It’s sometimes a good wake up call, a good lesson to be ok with stopping, resting, slowing down, listening to you body. No worrying about being unfit, or not doing as much as you’re used to doing.  

We can too easily get on a treadmill… going, going, going.

It’s ok to just pause. In fact it’s more than ok, it’s what we all need to do more of (but before we get sick).

That also means exercise, sometimes we can all do with a break. Resting is not a bad thing, especially if you normally workout a lot and are fit and healthy. 

The quote says it all.

“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause” – Cecilia Tran

Sometimes we have to really get our of our own way, and remember what is important in life.

What is your favourite self care ritual? 

Mothers Day in Australia is not far away – 12th May. 
If you want to be organised and give your mum the gift of health, be sure to take a peak at my online Pilates Studio “The Core Fit Club” Gift Vouchers.  Lots of my online classes are suitable for all ages. You’ll find something for level of fitness. 

Click this link for more details >>> Gift Cards

I’m super excited to be announcing a new retreat location – Bhutan!
We will be heading off for our first trip on 26th – 31st August this year. 
I’m partnering with another senior instructor, friend, who has travelled to Bhutan before. This trip will be amazing. There are only a few spots remaining, so if you are serious and would like more information let me know.
We are limiting this trip to only 16 lucky people.

There will also be another retreat to Bali coming up at the end of October.
Please let me know if you are interested in that, I’ll keep your name on my list to send you the details when I have them all finalised.


Lots of love and see you again soon on the Mat! 



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