It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written.

I’ve been busy welcoming lots of new members into the Core Fit Club (my online Pilates Studio), and doing some fun activities in Australia, like swimming with wild dolphins!

It was certainly one of the highlights on our trip to Perth, Western Australia.

We just got the photos back from the dolphin swim company last night and looking at them now, it’s still hard to believe we did it!

If you ever visit Perth, you must add this to your itinerary.

It really is an experience of a lifetime!

While hopping in and out of the boat for each swim, I noticed how helpful it was to be strong and flexible, and how grateful I was for my Pilates practice.

Pilates is not just a form of exercise to keep us fit and toned. 

It really is created to help us move more freely and safely in our every day lives.

Like getting in and out of the car, kneeling & bending down to get something off the floor, or playing with our kids etc.

Pilates also helps us to be more mindful as we move, as well as efficient.

One of the latest classes in the Core Fit Club was “Leg strengthening and alignment”. The members really loved it, and have been using it often.

Because it was so popular and a class I think everyone really needs, I wanted to share it with you for a week to try.

This class is great for everyone, especially those who need to strengthen the stabilising muscle around the knee called the VMO, and or strengthen the ankles or have conditions like patella femoral syndrome.

Be sure to hit reply and let me know how you enjoy it and if you have ever done a swim like this with dolphins!

Lots of love 

Em xo

PS If you’d like more information about the Core Fit Club, click here > The Core Fit Club

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