I was fortunate to spend Easter with my family camping in Australia. 

While there, I unexpectedly gained a committed camping client – my Dad!

I finally got him to do some stretches for the knee pain he has suffered with for years. 

I asked him to give me 3 days to see improvement. He did and it worked! 

He reported significant reduced pain and more flexibility and range of movement in the 3-4 days we spent together. It only took 5-10 mins a day.

Like many people he was skeptical that some basic stretches could help his (‘bone on bone” as described by the doctor) knee pain.

What most people don’t realize is that 95% of Knee Pain is due to muscular imbalance

These are the 3 stretches I gave him.

Remember to hold each one for at least 30-45 secs each leg.

NB – He ended up mostly focusing on the quad stretch (obviously his favourite and didn’t require him getting on the ground ;o) and still got the results.

1. Quad Stretch

  • Stand holding something for balance.
  • Take one foot in same hand.


  • Stand as upright as possible during the stretch.
  • Keep knees as close together as possible.
  • Avoid arching your back as best possible.

2. Glute Stretch 

  • Lying on back, legs bent
  • Take Right shin over left knee
  • Hold behind left leg (one hand btw legs/one on outside of leg)
  • Draw left leg towards you


  • Be sure not to let the left knee fall in towards your body.
  • Keeping it in line with your left hip bone will increase the intensity

3. Hamstring Stretch

  • Lying on back, right leg straight or bent either is fine. Straight is will give you more stretch, bent will relieve any back tension you may feel.
  • Use a towel or skipping rope to draw left leg into air.
  • Draw the left leg towards you.


  • You can mix between keeping the left leg slightly bent or straight. Both versions give a different stretch

Thanks Dad. 

Myself and the readers appreciate you sharing your story and personal photos. (he took some convincing ;o)

Please let me know if you’ve had knee issues, and if you try these stretches what results you get!

I would love to hear. 

Thanks Em x

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