I want to share something important I’ve been noticing coming up lately with some of my clients.

That is, negative self talk.

I think we’re all guilty of this at times.

Our internal dialogue, how we speak to ourselves, is so important, not only for our happiness but also our health.

How often are you negative towards yourself, beat yourself up for things you haven’t done, or not done properly, or don’t do enough of etc?

Some examples of those things could be, not exercising enough, not sticking to your exercise plan or program, keeping up with a eating sugary foods, eating too much or not enough, having too much coffee or alcohol, not paying enough attention to your children – whatever it maybe.

If you’re feel guilty, disappointed or annoyed with yourself, this is just reinforcing negativity throughout not only your mind but also your body, and your life.

Fear, anxiety, depression and stress are all created in the mind, by our thoughts.

Our body responds to our thoughts in many different ways, like breathing faster, tensing muscles, creating stomach cramps, or headaches, the list goes on.

Every cell in our body hears what we think and say and they then respond to our thoughts and words. Our life also reflects our thoughts and words. (More on these topics in another blog)

It is so important to keep reminding yourself to see the glass half full not half empty, especially when it comes to self talk.

When you are kind to yourself, your body will not feel stressed or frustrated. It will feel more relaxed. We all have enough stress in our lives, we don’t need to create more stress for ourselves.

For example, if you only worked out 2 times this week and your plan was to workout 4 times. Be proud of yourself for the 2 times, think about how many people in this world don’t even workout at all. Maybe you had lots on that week and just couldn’t fit it in, or you needed that extra hour sleep in, whatever it was, just be ok with it.

I’m not saying to lower your standards and don’t try to achieve your goals, get better and improve in whatever it is you want to do.

What I mean is, if you don’t achieve your desired outcome, be patient with yourself, don’t be so hard on yourself. It is your self talk that I want you to become aware of and if it is negative start to change this. Remember you can’t change the situation, it’s done and it is what it is, you can only change how you react to it.

Nothing is gained from being negative towards yourself, in fact there is so much to lose.

Think about how you would treat a child if the child didn’t do what was expected or set out to do. You wouldn’t get angry, you would be supportive, so the child would have the chance to blossom, to grow and improve for next time. Being negative will just make the child shrink, and feel ashamed and lose confidence.

Being happy with your achievements, is going to cultivate more good. Being unhappy brings you into a negative space and just makes it even harder to improve for the next time.

So, how often do you beat yourself up?

What can you now do instead?

Please let me know by in the comments below and share with someone you know can also benefit from this information.

I hope this makes sense and that it has been helpful.


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Lots of love and see you again soon on the Mat! 



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