I’m so grateful to receive messages on a regular basis from clients sharing the results from their online classes.

It’s always so inspiring.

I hear everything from clients coming off blood pressure medication, how they feel themselves again, or fixed a dislocating shoulder, avoiding surgery, reduced back, shoulder, neck or hip pain, improved flexibility and strength…the amazing list of results goes on.

These are people taking action towards their health and fitness goals. 

One thing I’ve seen in over 17 years of training clients, is that many people talk about wanting results, but far fewer people take the action required to make their desired health and fitness a reality.  

So today, I thought I would take a moment to introduce you to Juliana, who’s proof that when you really make a commitment to yourself you can achieve anything you want.

I got to meet Juliana just the other day when she was visiting KL from Dubai. 

She reached out to me to see if she could attend my live Pilates classes. 

Juliana is a Core Fit Club member (my online pilates studio). She joined the Core Fit Club membership, after completing my 21 Day Pilates, Yoga & Barre Challenge, back in January 2019.

She’d never done Pilates before and thought she’d give it a try.

Since starting, she’s been doing my classes almost every day!

She said she’s gained so many benefits, including losing weight and toning up.

Her friends have even noticed her positive changes and have been asking her what she’s been doing.

Her first ever live Pilates class was with me on this visit to KL and she was concerned she wouldn’t be good enough for the class. 

She was wrong.

She was incredible! 

Her strength and technique when she preformed the exercises was amazing!

I was so impressed and proud of what she’d achieved on her own in 6 months  – just through the Core Fit Club Online classes. 

Juliana’s goal is to look and feel amazing as she reaches her 50th year!

She’s certainly achieving this goal – ‘you’re looking amazing now Juliana!’

Let us know what you think of Juliana’s story in the comments below.

I’m sure Juliana would love to hear from you! 

Plus also let me know what 1 new step you will take to achieving your fitness goals?

(Plus, if you’ve been on the fence about joining the Core Fit Club, and you’re keen, reach out to me as I’ll be giving a special discount for the first 10 people to tell me why they’d like to join)

Lots of love and see you again soon on the Mat! 


Ps for more information about the Core Fit Club membership click here >> The Core Fit Club


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