Learn 5 Stretches to do from your bed!

We’re all guilty of saying we don’t have enough time to exercise, or we’re too tired, can’t get to the gym or classes etc.

However the reality is we really don’t need to go anywhere to do a workout, stretch or just move our body.

Especially with today’s technology!

We don’t even need to spend much time or energy to feel benefits.

I’m a big believer that you notice the difference with even just 5-10 mins per day.

Ideally we do more if we can, however 5-10 mins is certainly better than doing nothing at all.

Our body starts to stiffen up if we don’t stretch and keep it mobile, and our muscles start to lose bulk and tone if we don’t use them.

A strong yet supple body is vital for keeping our joints in good alignment, keep good posture and to prevent pain.

So to help us get moving in the morning, or at anytime of the day, here are 5 stretches you can do from your bed, or any small space!

You can watch the video and the exercises are listed below as well.

5 Stretches to do from your bed

Lower back twist
– Lying on your back
– Bend the right knee and hug to your chest
– Place the left hand on the right knee and take it across your body, twisting your lower back
– Keep your shoulders on the Mat and look the opposite direction you are twisting.
– As you exhale take the stretch a little bit further.
– Hold for 30 seconds one side then swap sides
– Only go as far as you feel comfortable, always listen to your body.

Knee openings
– Lying on your back bend both knees towards your chest, knees over hips.
– Place one hand on each knee. (e.g. right hand on right knee
– Start to circle the knees open and closed again in circles (8 times one way)
– Then reverse (8 times the other way)

– Stay relaxed in your body, so your hips release tension.

Glute Stretch
– Start lying on your back in your neutral spine position.
– Bend the legs so knees are above hips.
– Cross your right shin (close to the ankle) over your left knee.
– Take hold behind your left leg, making sure your right hand goes between the legs first.
– Hold for 30 seconds and swap sides
-Try not to flatten your back as you pull you leg closer to the chest.

Back stretch
– Start lying on your stomach
– Legs open as wide as shoulders turned out from the hips so toes are out and heels are pointing in.
– Arms are bent and hands slightly forward of shoulders and away from shoulders.
– Inhale to lift the chest and if you are comfortable also keep going up so you straighten your arms.
– if the stretch is too strong on your back with straight arms, stay lower with your elbows on the floor.
– If you are ok to straighten your arms but want more comfort in the back, take the hands further forward away from your body, it decreases the intensity a little.

Shell Stretch 
– Bend your knees with your legs hip distance apart
– Sit on your feet
– Lean forward and round your spine so your head goes towards the floor
– Arms can reach forward past your head or by your side, beside your feet.
– If you are getting pain in your knees, open your knees wider

Let me know if this was helpful to motivate you to move more! 

I’d love to hear from you! 

Be sure to share with anyone you know who can benefit from these Pilates & stretching tips. 

Lots of Love and see you soon on the Mat! 

Em xo

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