My husband and I recently travelled to Hawaii for a family reunion. 

It was a wonderful trip and I wanted to share some of my favourite pics with you below.

The group shots were taken in front of the house we rented on Waimalonlo Beach. I started out wanting to show a couple of the family members some stretches and ended up with a full class! 

The shot of me by the water was in front of Waikiki Beach. 

In this weeks Mondays on the Mat I show you 3 great exercises to do on the plane. 

I did these exercises (and a couple of others) for approx 20 minutes on each flight to and from Hawaii.

I felt amazing when I got off the plane. The exercises helped release the tension in my hips, back and calves.

I don’t know about you, but my calves tighten up on long haul flights and if not released, they can feel really uncomfortable.

I stood at the back of the plane to do the exercises, in the area just in front of the toilets and gally. This space is the perfect size.  

It was also ok when people passed by, as the exercises are all done standing, so it was easy to move out of the way.

Click below to watch the video and read below for more detail on each exercise.

Each exercise explained

Wide Leg Stance with Fold Over
– Stand with legs wide apart and toes pointing forward (so parallel feet)
– Making sure your heels are turned out to line your heels and little toe up in a parallel position. Lined outside edges of your feet, like you would if you were standing on a yoga mat, lining the map with the edge of the mat.
– Straighten the legs and feel your side hips opening.
– To increase the hamstring stretch, place your hands on your hips and keeping your back straight, fold your body forward.
– NB If you cannot keep a straight back then slightly bend your knees.
– Hold and repeat as much as you feel you need.

Warrior 1 
– Start with legs wide apart again, toes pointing forward in parallel position, as you did in first exercise.
– Slightly tun in your Left foot,
– Pick up your Right heel, and swivel it in, then line your Right toes up with the heel. So your right leg is pointing forward now. Picking up the heel first allows for easier opening in the hip joint.
– Now bend the right knee (keeping the knee cap pointing directly over the 2nd toe). Ensuring the knee doesn’t go too far forward of the ankle. If it does, walk your feet wider to open the stance.
– Straighten the leg to take a break, and repeat again. Holding each warrior for as long as you feel comfortable and you are getting a good stretch of the hips and groin.
– Repeat other side. 

High Lunge
– Facing a wall if you need something to hold onto. Fingertips against the wall with arms bent. (not essential)
– Step your left leg back, far back enough to be able to straighten your left leg.
– Keeping toes of the left foot tucked under and heel up.
– Your shoulders, hips and toes should all be facing forward, towards the wall if you are holding it.
– Bend your front Right knee and keep your stance wide enough to ensure your right knee does not travel too far beyond your right ankle.
– Straighten the Right front leg any time you need to take a break then repeat as many times as you feel you need.

BONUS STRETCH – in High Lunge set up 
– From the high lunge position, step the back foot in slightly 
– Drop the heel towards the floor. You may not be able to touch the floor wiht your heel, so step in further until you can, if you can. NO worries if you can’t 
– Turn the heel out so your foot is completely parallel.
– To increase the stretch bend the font leg again like you did in the high lunge.
– Hold and repeat as many times as you feel comfortable and repeat again on the other side. 

Be sure to either learn these exercises and or print out the explanations before you next take a long haul flight. 

Let me know in the comments if these were helpful for you or if you have any questions about these exercises.

Lots of Love and see you soon on the Mat! 

Em xo

PS: If you haven’t already joined the FREE 14 Day Pilates Challenge, be sure to sign up below! 


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