I wanted to tell you a little story about my mum. 

She’s always said online classes are not for her, that you have to really be disciplined to do it.

She’s only ever done a couple of my online classes in the whole time I’ve had ePilates Online and that was when my sister Amy, set her up and did it with her. 

I’m thrilled to say when I got off the phone to her last week, at the end of the conversation she said;

MUM: “Well, I’m off home to do Day 8 & 9, I need to catch up!” 

(In my head I’m like, what the???)

ME: “What? Yes I see you posted about enjoying day 7 & 8 Yoga breathing, but Amy’s not there with you today, are you doing them on your own?”

MUM: “Yes its’ brilliant! This 10-15 min thing I can do. It’s so easy, I’m doing it on my phone. I can get up early and fit it in before work. It’s great, I’m loving it! I want to keep up!”

ME: “Wow! I’m impressed!!!”

MUM: “Yeah I did the barre the other day and used the kitchen bench. I just moved you in my phone over to the kitchen! (giggle giggle and in a tone of feeling very proud of herself!)

Needless to say, I was in shock and thrilled at the same time!

If I can get my mum to do my Pilates Online, ANYONE can do it! hehe

Hence why I wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on the last 5 days of the 21 Day challenge! 

The videos will be available to use for Free until Tuesday 5th February 9am (Malaysian time). 

This means you can still join now and receive access to all the classes.

So you can do as many as you like over the weekend and until Tuesday.

To join click here >>> 21 Day Challenge

If you feel you’ve missed the first couple of weeks and if you start now you won’t have enough information or you’ll make a fool of yourself, you’ll be fine, just start from Day 1.

The videos are only 10-20 mins long so you can easily do one per day or binge and do 3/4 per day! 

Here is the calendar to show you what classes are available.

We are currently at Day 18. 

To print click this link >> 21 Day Challenge Daily Calendar


Plus if you join the challenge now, you’ll also get the opportunity to join the Core Fit Club and the Core Restore & Pelvic Floor Program at a discounted rate!

I’ll be sending out information on these promotions soon.

Lots of love



PS: I wanted to let you know that you don’t need to be an expert in Pilates & Yoga to come on my retreat in Bali! Beginners are welcome, it is open to all.

It’s a perfect opportunity if you feel a bit stressed and really need some time out for you, either away from children, or work or just the city life. The retreat environment helps you tap into your inner peace, happiness and love for yourself and others. 

If this resonates with you, then please join me and other like minded women this March. I can guarantee you will be so happy you did.

Early bird pricing ends 1st Feb

More details here >>> Pilates & Yoga Retreat Bali

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