I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s session!

I’ve had lots of great feedback from participants who really enjoyed the first class.

I want to take this moment to remind you to always listen to your body and modify the exercises when you need to.

There are many different fitness levels participating in this challenge, so I’ve made it challenging for each level.

Please do not feel like you are cheating or not good enough if you modify the exercises.

You are actually smart to modify if you need to.

Take the sessions at your own pace and build up your strength slowly.

Now, today we focus on glutes!

This is one of my favourite parts of the body to work.

Glutes make up part of the core, so if we have strong healthy glutes, we help to also keep a healthy back.

Many of us sit for long periods in the day, causing the glute muscles to often get weak and the hips tight.

So lets get cracking and strengthen those butt muscles 😉

>> Click the picture below or this link to start your video >> Day 2 – Glute Video

Remember to use the password Pilates


Lots of love




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