EG would think to get a second opinion?
My focus today is to help awaken the doctor within you.
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Unfortunately this year I smashed my knee on a rock while white water rafting, and now have a knee injury called a meniscus tear, which often requires surgery.
The meniscus is the cushioning cartilage pad found in the joint between the thigh bone and the shin bone.
I’ve chosen to try to heal it conservatively and hopefully avoid surgery.
So many things have shocked me in the diagnosis/advice process. It has, (as it always does, when I see it happen to so many people), stirred up many frustrations that I’d like to have a little “rant” about.
I have been recommended various invasive treatments ranging from key hole surgery to stem cell surgery.
I’m always disillusioned by the health system, or should we call it disease/injury management system. It focuses mostly on using technology and pharmaceutical drugs, rather than natural ways of healing.  We certainly don’t see enough education, conservative and preventative treatments for my liking.
What happened to the body being able to heal itself? 
There is an expression; “heal yourself in 7 days or see the doctor, get medication and heal in one week”.
This is so true in many cases, sometimes it will heal in the same time frame, whether or not you take medication or have surgery. The body does know intuitively how to heal itself. 
Too often we want a quick and easy fix. To take a pill, to have an operation and it all be done for us. There are certainly times when we need surgery and intervention by doctors, and they do a marvellous job. However too often doctors, surgeons and other health care professionals, are not questioned about the advice they give. Too  often treatments occur, that can sometimes be avoided.
Unfortunately some do not have our best interests at heart. They either just want our money, are too busy, or are just not up to date with the latest research or treatments.
Of course, like everything in life, there are always opposites, there are many amazing and genuine health care professionals out there as well.
I’d love to know;
  • How often have you researched your own injury or had 2nd, 3rd or even 4th opinions?
  • How often do you question the advice you are given by health care professionals if you are sick or injured?
  • Here is the big question … how often do you ask yourself, your internal doctor? Checking in with your gut instinct and your intuition and what you believe is right? Many of us don’t access that part of our knowing, often enough.
After seeking many opinions (some great and some unethical) and doing my own research on top of what I already know, I have ended up listening to my gut and what I felt was right for me for now.
Apparently there is a 50% chance of my injury healing due to lack of blood flow to the area. I’m doing all I can to rest and rehabilitate it.
I remember growing up we would never have questioned a doctor. If you are like I was many years ago and don’t question, it’s time to start, start taking control of your own health and wellbeing. You intuitively know your own body better than anyone else a lot of the time – always remember this.
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If ever you get an injury (lets hope you don’t!), I have created printable check list which includes 7 simple steps to follow that may help you relieve pain and help in any decision making processes. Grab it below…
Thanks and stay strong from the inside out!

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