If you make up excuses not to exercise enough, you’re not alone.

Maybe these sound these familiar…

You don’t have time, you’re too tired, you can’t get to the gym.

The list goes on, right?

Don’t worry we’ve all used these excuses before.

The truth is it can be easier than you think.

Even 10 mins per day is enough to keep our body in good order; feeling more energised, strong and pain free.

I just completed 31 days straight of movement for the Move Move in March challenge.

I felt great!

I was less stiff and tired in my body and I felt stronger, more energised and motivated.

However it wasn’t easy!

There were some days during the challenge when I really could’ve easily made an excuse, but I didn’t, I’d made a commitment.

If I got to the end of the day and realised I hadn’t moved much, instead of making up an excuse to why I couldn’t do it, I had an easy solution.

I would pull up a 20 min Pilates session from my Core Fit Club membership on my iPhone, go to the spare room with my mat and do a workout.

I even did this at 10pm one evening!

It can be that simple yet we often easily sabotage ourselves with excuses.

One way we can avoid this, is if we decide to schedule exercise into our day, it becomes part of our life, a non negotiable.

What is scheduled is more likely to happen.

I want to challenge you to schedule 3 (or more if you already do 3/choose an amount that will challenge you) sessions into your diary this week, even if you only have 15 mins spare, put it in the diary.

If you don’t get it done, just move the slot to another day, as long as those sessions get done the same week.

That’s your challenge!

When you feel the benefits of moving regularly, especially with Pilates, you’ll just want to keep going!

This was the first time I had taken my own classes online and it was really good! I was pushed more when being taught – even if it was me teaching!

If you’re not already a member and you would like to access the classes I used for the challenge, check out the Core Fit Club Membership.

It’s FREE for 7 days until Sunday 8th April.

To find out more click here ==> Core Fit Club

What people are saying…

“I find it very difficult to stay motivated on my own. Emma helps me to stay accountable and consistent! Finally, I get the support that I need, to keep the motivation up and to keep going with exercising.” – Madeleine Royere-Koonings, Spiritual Coach

“Loving the classes and the variety.”
– Becky Peters Kile

My tummy feels flatter now and it’s giving me some confidence again! The posture alignment exercise helped me a lot. Not only does it help to correct my posture, it ‘magically’ removed my protruding tummy that looked like I was 4 months pregnant!” – Su Lin Lim

I’d love to hear more about your exercise routine.

What do you struggle with the most?

Let me know if you have any questions at all about Pilates, your exercise routine or the Core Fit Club!

If you take up my challenge please let me know how you go in the comments below! 

Lots of love

Em x

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