Can you believe we’re already in May?!

At the beginning of April I remember saying to myself, I had a whole month to complete my end of year accounts.

That time went by so fast!

I’m sure it was partly because I procrastinated on doing my accounts until the last minute!!

This month I’ll be participating in a Yoga Teacher Training Course for 31 days!

7am – 3pm – 6 days per week!

So, I’ll soon be a qualified Yoga Instructor.

Trust me though…my love for Pilates will never waiver ;o)

I actually believe the combination of the two are great mix.

Perhaps I’ll start some ‘Yoga for Non Yogis’s’, as a way to introduce yoga to those who don’t yet fully gel with it – are you one of those?  

I’d love to know your thoughts on yoga in the comments below…

If you don’t know the difference between the two…check out my previous blog here => What’s the difference between Pilates & Yoga + 5 Similarities

In the meantime, Pilates still lives on…

I hope you enjoyed using the Waist Toning Class sent out earlier in the month. If you didn’t get to use it yet it’s available until tonight. So be sure to use it if you haven’t already!  => Waist Toning Class

Speaking of classes, I just added 2 new classes to the Core Fit Club Membership for the month of May. 

A Non Wrist Weight Bearing Class
–  30min class that is suitable for everyone, however has no weight bearing on the hands, so if you get sore wrists or have a wrist injury this is an especially great class for you. Requested by one of my members who currency has a wrist injury. 
Pre Natal (All Trimester) Lower Body Focus Class
– 21 min class that is suitable for everyone who wants to focus on the tush! 
Especially designed for Pre Natal mums of all trimesters focusing on the Lower body. Requested by one of our members you now is pregnant. 

If you are keen to try one of these classes above or a chose from many other great classes, head over to the => Core Fit Club

Thanks and hope to see you soon on the mat! 



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