Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. ūüôā

I love this quote;

“To the world you are a mother, but for your family you are the world” – unknown

I always feel grateful to be able to wish my mum happy mothers day.

My heart always goes out to those who no longer have their mother with them, and also to those mothers who no longer have their children with them.

This pic below was taken just after my 2018 Bali Retreat, which my mum attended. It was such special time with her.

I thought I was too late to send out this email with my wishes, but I just found out today is also Mothers Day in America, so technically I’m not late – there at least! ūüėČ

I was thinking a lot about the mothers I know today and wanted share what was on my mind.

You may already know that I work with women, including pre and postnatal mums, and I see how many of them, especially mums, struggle to find time to take care of themselves and make their health and wellness a priority. 

Don’t get me wrong, some mothers do a great job at it, better than me perhaps, however the majority often find themselves last on their list.

We all know that taking the time out to heal your body the right and safe way after giving birth is so important. Not only for the physical but also for mental wellbeing. 

When you take control back over your body and feel confident in your skin again, your whole mindset can change. I see this time and time again with the clients I train. How even simply improving your posture can change how you think and feel. 

See below one of my clients and the changes she made in just one session. She felt like a new person.

This is why I created my online Core Restore & Pelvic Floor Program.

To help more mums/women get the training they need from the comfort of their own home, at a price they can afford.

Private training can get expensive, and sometimes group classes are not always easy to get to.

If you (or someone you know) suffers from any of these conditions then the Core Restore & Pelvic Floor program maybe just what you need.

РPelvic Floor leaking 
РDiastasis Rectis 
– Pubis Symphysis
– Core weakness
– Inability to connect deep lower abdominals
– C-sectoin
– Hysterectomy or any abdominal surgery
– Back pain

Click this link for more information on the Core Restore & Pelvic Floor Program

Here’s what some of the ladies say about the program;

So many mums need this kind of specific training, and it can still help even 10 – 20 years after giving birth.

To make this training accessible to more women today, as a special to you, and anyone you know, I’m offering a $20 discount off my¬†Core Restore & Pelvic Floor program,¬†for the next 36 hours.¬†

Click this link for more information on the Core Restore & Pelvic Floor Program

Hope to see you again soon on the Mat! 

Em x

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