I recently returned from Ubud, Bali where Sophia and I co-hosted our second Pilates & Yoga Retreat.

We had an amazing group of ladies join us, including two mother and daughter combos.

Ubud is such a magical place, I always feel at peace when I’m there.

It reminds me of my upbringing in Tasmania, seeing the chickens running around, hearing the roosters crow and the dove sounds in the morning. 

Life is simple in Ubud.

The food is amazing and the scenery is divine, but what really makes it so wonderful is the people.

The Balinese are such beautiful, kind souls and they know what is important in life.

Watching them make their daily offerings and blessings is truely inspiring.

Not only was I blessed to be back in Ubud once again for the retreat, but this time I was lucky enough to have my mum attend! We were one of the two mother anddaughter combos.

She tried to surprise me but I found out. Sorry mum!

I was amazed at how well she did, at 69 years old, she completed the full 4 day schedule.

She’s always loved Pilates and had never tried Yoga before this trip.

She does my online Pilates at home sometimes and this trip was a big reminder for her how important it is for her to continue with it.

She promised me she would use it more often when she got home. Perhaps this public accountability will help 😉

Does your mum exercise? 

Hit reply and tell me, I’d love to know what she does.

(Many of my close friends mothers have passed, and my condolences go out to you if your mum has also left the physical world).

If you know your mum is like mine, needing to do more exercise and you still need to find a mothers day gift, I highly recommend a gift voucher for my Online Pilates Studio; The Core Fit Club.

The Core Fit Club is a perfect at home solution for safe and effective exercise.

It’s great for anyone new to Pilates, as I include a comprehensive beginner guide in the membership.

Pilates is great for all mums and perfect if your mum;

– Needs to improve balanace or is wobbly on her feet 
(like my mum down hill with no hand rail, we discovered on our rice paddy trek)

– Struggles to find time to exercise (like my mum who still works full time running her own business. You can go say hi to her anytime you’re in the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Aus. Here’s the link to her shop http://retournez-vous.com.au)

– Finds it hard to stay consistent with exercise 
(like most of us as well as my mum)

– Wants to tone up and build core strength 
(like many of us as well as my mum, after 3 children she needs to keep her core strong)

– Wants to reduce stress and anxiety 
(like many of us and my mum as often running a business can be stressful)

– Improve posture and flexibility 
(like my mum, who is tight in her hips, which sometimes leads to knee pain)

– Has back, neck or shoulder pain 
(like many of us and my mum when we don’t exercise enough)

– Wants to improve general health and wellness. 
(like most of us really including my mum)

– Travels regularly and can’t get to class. 

To read more about the Core Fit Club click here ==> Core Fit Club

To buy a gift membership click here ==> GIFT MEMBERSHIPS

If you have any questions about the Core Fit Club just hit reply and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks and lots of love



PS; If you are interested in attending a retreat, the next Bali Retreat will be in November 2018. Please let me know if you would like me to hold you a spot for you, as there are only 3 places remaining.

PPS; I may also have a Thailand Retreat happening on 6th July 2018. I’m just discussing arrangements for a special group of ladies. If it goes ahead, there will be a couple of spots available if you’d like to join us.

PPPS; If you’re not already following us on Facebook click here => Facebook ePilates Online to give us a thumbs up!

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