The reason I’m writing about weight today, is because it’s a recurring topic of discussion amongst some of my clients lately.

They want to shift some lingering kilos and are often checking the scales to see if they have lost weight.

I know it’s not always easy to lose those extra kilos. I’ve been there too.

I was 69kgs when I lived in London many years ago.

I also put on a bit of weight when I first moved to Malaysia.

The local food was far too good!! 😉

The good news is you can lose those kilos and keep them off… without always checking the scales!

I can’t tell you what I weigh now, as I rarely weigh myself, but I assume I’m around 60kgs.

I know my standard weight lingers around that, give or take some kilos either side, depending on my lifestyle at the time.

I never bother to check my weight on the scales these days, I just go by how I feel and take notice how I feel in my clothes. As long as I’m healthy and have a balanced life with good food and exercise, that’s all I focus on.

I also encourage my clients to think this way and avoid the scales.



I do however understand the urge to check the scales, and if you do, there are some important things to remember.

The scales do not show the whole picture of your body composition. This is the ratio of body fat to lean body mass. The scales cannot tell if you are losing fat and gaining muscle because of your new healthy eating and exercise schedule. So you may not notice the scales changing at first, but you will probably notice clothes feeling looser, maybe more muscle definition and even decreased inches around certain areas of the body.

You would have heard of the expression ‘muscle weighs more than fat’, that’s not actually true, but what is true is the muscle is denser than fat and therefore takes up less space. A kilo of muscle weighs the same as a kilo of fat. The difference is defined by volume.

Eg; A one kilo rock would fit in the palm of your hand. One kilo of wool would fill a bag. They weigh the same but take up different volume of space.

If you continue with your exercise and good eating plan, you will eventually see a difference and change in your body. Always be patient with yourself. If you want your weight change to be sustainable, it is important to create good habits to stay healthy for the long term​, not to just focus on shifting the kilos.

I was an example of this. To shift my extra kilos took me a while, but with a change in my lifestyle; regular exercise and a better eating plan, i was able to lose the kilos and it was sustainable. To maintain a healthy weight, I always make changes when I feel I am ‘growing’, before it gets too out of hand.

So many other factors can prevent us losing weight. When you start exercising more you may see an increase in your appetite which may slow down the process. Also stress, sleeping patterns, fluid retention and hormones can also play a big part.

I think when it comes to mothers and losing weight after having children, more understanding must be given not only by everyone around her but also to herself. She now has a different body to work with and such different conditions to consider, which will effect the rate of change.

if you are trying to lose weight it’s important to stick at your exercise and eating plan, enjoy your stronger healthy body and eventually as your body regulate you will see a lasting change.

If you haven’t already read it check out my other short post on Building Muscle Burns Fat and Tips to avoid gaining inches around the waist…​

Losing weight is about a lifestyle shift. It is not always about watching the scales.

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Lots of love



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