I’ve come up with great way to help us motivate and inspire each other!

I’m so excited to be starting ‘Chat with an ePilates Pal’.

Every month I will be giving you a glimpse into the life of one of my wonderful clients!

You’re going to love it!

This month you get to meet Sara. I loved hearing about her life.

She’s so active and has such a zest for life, she will defiantly inspire you!

Sara is a Core Fit Club Member.

To learn more about the Core Fit Club click here ==> Core Fit Club


CHAT to an ePilates Pal

Where did you grow up?
In the south of Adelaide. 

What are your favourite hobbies?
Travelling and moving! Any type of moving I don’t care:
Mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding and playing with my dog, Nacho.

Why did you start pilates?
I started pilates when my IT bands were giving me so much pain my physio
recommended regular pilates classes.

(Btw Emma speaking now, IT band is found along/down the outside of the leg)

How do you get and stay motivated to exercise?
I’m motivated when I have a goal to exercise for e.g. a holiday body, a marathon or race,
but mostly it’s easiest when I have regular casual runs with friends.

What inspires/motivates you in life?
I’m mostly motivated by fun, happiness and adventure. Moving to the sunshine coast (Qld/Aust),
I chose a lifestyle. I’m motivated to see new places, run new trails, meet new people and try
everything I come across.

How does pilates help you in your day to day life activities?
Pilates keeps my body ‘in order’ and pain free.

What’s your favourite book?
I love all autobiographies. Learning about people and cultures.
I have a soft spot for Scar Tissue.

What are your biggest lessons or learning in life?
Never regret what you do in life, it makes you who you are. 

What’s your favourite quote?

Why do you choose to do online Pilates?
I’m busy, so love to do pilates when i can fit it in.
I’m motivated enough to do what I need when I need.

What would you say is a good reason to do Pilates with Emma?
I really enjoy doing Emma’s Pilates classes as she is very knowledgeable, calm, confident and great
at instruction.  She always knows when a cue is needed and great at giving different exercise for
different abilities.
I love that it’s more than just Pilates and that she is so accessible for personal help and instruction
via email and FB. Oh and also love the ease of the site that I can choose the class I want on any day.

Leave a comment below and tell Sara and I how you liked the first ‘Chat to an ePilates Pal’.

If you would like to be featured in ‘Chat to an ePilates Pal’ let me know.

I’d love to feature you! 

Thanks Em x

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