Day 1 – Pilates Introduction 

This is a great introduction to Pilates.
It is a full body Pilates workout that will leave you feeling supple and strong.
This video is suitable for all levels however please take modifications as needed
and read some of the written instructions on the video if you are new to Pilates.

Running time: 18 mins

Bonus Videos 

At some stage be sure to watch these bonus videos, especially if you’re new to Pilates, have wrist and or back pain.
These videos show great modifications that will help you modify in your classes. 

Video 1 – Arm Focus & Wrist Pain Reducing Techniques

This video was taken from another videos series and it is great to break down some upper body techniques and tips. It will also show you some great modifications if you get sore on the wrists when you are doing weight bearing. Please also stay right to the end as there is a modification that shows you some push ups against the wall as wall.  These will be tips you can use throughout the challenge. 

Video 2 – Back Work & Tips for Lower Back Pain. 
(6 mins)

This video is also from the same series and will show you some modifications and techniques to use if you get sore in the lower back when doing back work, and or you have a more rounded upper back and or you’re bigger in the bust. Using the pillows and towel as props will help you to take pressure out of the lower back when doing some of the back exercises. 

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Lots of love 


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