Exercise is an essential part of staying healthy during the quarantine period. 

Some of the most relevant benefits from exercise during this time of coronavirus, is that it helps us build up our immune system, improves our mood and reduces stress. 

Why is Pilates is so good?

  1. You only need a small space to practice


    Pilates is the perfect choice of exercise to do at home and during quarantine because you only need a small space to practice and no equipment is necessary, not even a mat, as you do it on carpet or use a towel. 

  2. Pilates also helps you to reverse your sitting posture
    Most people will be sitting more than normal during while in quarantine, pilates helps by;
  • Keeping good muscle tone and strength
  • Keeping you flexible
  • Improving your postural muscles
  • Keeping your lungs and respiratory system healthy

3. Pilates focuses a lot on the breath.

Often in life when we are stressed and anxious we either hold our breath, or take shallow breaths and practically gasp for air. When our inhale looks like this, we often forget to exhale.  In Pilates we make sure we fully exhale to expel all the stale air from the lungs, allowing fresh air to rush in. 

The breathing  also helps us to stay calm, centred and in the present moment. We have to be present when practicing Pilates in order to fully practice one of the key principles – precision. 

4 . Pilates has a history of success when it comes to fighting off a virus.

Joseph Pilates believed that the modern lifestyle, bad posture, and inefficient breathing lay the roots of poor health. During world war 1, in 1914, he was travelling in England touring in a circus, as a martial arts type of act, when the british authorities interned him, along with other German citizens. It was during this time he invented the Pilates method and went on to train the other detainees and also rehabilitate the wounded soldiers.

In 1918 the Influenza pandemic broke out. Named the Spanish influenza, it was one of the deadliest epidemics to date. The astonishing thing was that none of the people Joseph trained while interned fell ill to the pandemic influenza. The only difference was in this camp to others was Pilates training, and how it would have helped to create a strong internal immune system within the inmates. This, he claimed, testified to the effectiveness of his system.

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Enjoy and reach out to me if you need any assistance
Lots of love
Em xx

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