Struggle with motivation & or time to exercise? 

Do you need to strengthen your core,
improve flexibility & posture?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Now you can learn the secrets all the celebs use to stay in shape
the athletes use to stay pain & injury free.

Introducing the Core Fit Club
– the worlds best boutique online Pilates Studio.

My specialized teaching is now available for you 24/7.

For less than the cost of one coffee per week! 

Struggle with motivation & or time to exercise? 


Do you need to strengthen your core,
improve flexibility & posture?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Now you can learn the secrets all the celebs
use to stay in shape
the athletes use to stay pain & injury free.

Introducing the Core Fit Club
the worlds best boutique online Pilates Studio.

My specialized teaching is now
available for you 24/7.


For less than the cost of one coffee per week! 

Five Features That make the Core Fit Club Unique

1. An Internationally Certified & Experienced Instructor to Hold Your Hand At Every Step

You never have to struggle on your own again or feel stuck for someone to answer your questions. I will be there if you need me at each stage of your personal Pilates journey, to help maximise your practice.

2. A Personalized Journey So You Can Practice At Your Own Pace And Level

I provide a clear path and journey for you to suit your needs and level. Core Fit Club meets you where you are currently at and helps you level up at a consistent pace.

3. A Facebook Community So You’re Never Alone

Experience the journey with your peers. Be part of a Tribe of other Pilates lovers who are going through the same journey. Spark discussions, ask for a workout accountability buddy, or just publicise your goals so you stay accountable to them. This is a great place for you and I to also communicate. 

4. Incredible Value For Your Money Because It’s Less Than A Single Live Pilates Class

Core Fit Club is extremely affordable and flexible. You get unlimited access to all the classes for less than the cost of a single pilates class per month. You can also cancel anytime. 

5. Usable On Any Device So You Can Practice Anywhere At Any Time

With Core Fit Club, you can practice Pilates anywhere anytime. Either in the comfort of your home, at work, while travelling or even outside in the park, on your desktop or phone.

Here’s What You Get when you become a member

1. All you need to start your Pilates Journey.

To start your experience in the Core Fit Club, I have created a clear path for you to learn the fundamental principles and essential exercises which is a must for beginners and a refresher for those looking to make a fresh start.

I will guide you through the basic exercises, principles and posture tips. You will learn how to always stay safe, listen to your body and  learn how to adapt all exercises to YOUR needs. From breath to alignment and posture modifications — the tutorials will leave you feeling empowered and knowledgeable ready to start your classes like a pro!

2. An entire Library of Classes to choose from

Choose from a selection of classes from Beginner to Intermediate level, as well as Prenatal Pilates, some yoga and meditation.

The classes are also categorized into particular body parts like “Abs & Butt focus” and “Upper Body Focus”. I also have a specialized class for you if you need it eg “Back Care” if you get back pain, or “Hip Release’ for tight hips. There is a class suitable for your every need.

I also include tutorials on how to engage the right muscles, rehabilitation videos and we also use props like roller, circle and band.

3. Access To The Core Fit Club Facebook Community
Which Grows Together

Our community is where you can share your goals and achievements and or find a buddy. It is a place to offer support to other members and to also get some inspiration. I come in and give you some and motivation from time to time and I’m available to answer questions in the group whenever you need me.

4. Easy to use learning platform

The membership platform gives you easy access to classes on-the-go and on all your devices. No matter where you are in the world, all you need to do your daily practice is some empty space and your phone, lap top, tablet or you can even plug me into your TV!

5. An Ever-Increasing Library Of Customized Pilates Classes added Every Month.

I’m constantly introducing new classes. I have now started to introduce props such as the Fit Ball, Magic Circle and Foam Roller so that you won’t get bored — and you can start to create your own little home studio! Pick a class that suits your schedule, mood and needs on any day.

Meet Your Instructor Emma

My mission is to make sure you are cared for and achieving your goals. 
I guide you through a personal Pilates journey and help you develop a regular routine. 

With more than 13 years of Pilates and teaching  experience, I’m able to anticipate your needs and understand what you will likely be experiencing at home. Doing my classes online will feel like I am actually in the room with you!

I will empower and educate you to have a good understanding of your body. Helping you to move confidently, pain free and be fit and strong enough to live your life to the fullest!

Try Core Fit Club Risk-Free


With Core Fit Club, there are no lock-in contracts. You can stay for as short or as long as you like, and cancel your monthly subscription anytime and manage your own account status.


The only membership online that offers support. This usually costs hundreds of dollars, but once you are a member you get access to Emma when you need her!

Become A Member of the Core Fit Club

An ever growing library of classes

When You become a member
of the Core Fit Club You Will Get:

My carefully designed beginner journey covering all the foundation principals, posture tips and exercises to set you up for future classes.

Choose a class to suit your level/mood. Eg Beginner, Intermediate, Cardio, Stretch.

A community where you can engage, interact and grow with the other students.

Access to Emma on Facebook.

New classes every month.

On-the-go access across all your devices.

This membership IS for you if:

  • You want to look after your body and make exercise a part of your life.
  • You want to save money on regular classes
  • You want to feel stronger, tone up and stay regular in your routine.
  • You want to relieve aches and pains.
  • You are a Beginner and want to start Pilates
  • You are Intermediate Level and want to continue Pilates.
  • You practice Pilates regularly and a supplement to your current routine.
  • You are pregnant – I offer prenatal classes in the membership 

This membership is NOT for you if

  • You don’t want to look after & learn about your body
  • You are less than 4 months post natal
    NB: I have a specific postnatal program
  • You are advanced level
    Advanced classes will be added in a few months time.
    Please email me with your interest so I can let you know
    when the advanced classes are available.

What happens when you sign up

All the videos are available to stream immediately after payment through a private members log in.

The videos are yours for the duration of the membership chosen.

What People Have To Say About Pilates &
The Core Fit Club 

“My tummy feels flatter now and it’s giving me some confidence again!
The posture alignment exercise helped me a lot. Not only does it help to correct my posture, it ‘magically’ removed my protruding tummy that looked like I was 4 months pregnant. 
Looking forward to more sessions in the Core Fit Club.”
– Su Lin Lim

“I would highly recommend the Core Fit Club, it makes me do Pilates more often.

I have become a complete convert and keep on telling people to do Pilates – with this membership, they can – anywhere in the world.

I wondered whether the videos were going to be easy to stream online but it’s been fine.

Emma’s instructions are very clear and the classes are just the right level for me. They are just the right length to do first thing in the morning in a hotel room.

– Kelisiana Thynne


“I’d never done Pilates before and I find it very easy with the Core Fit Club. 
The exercise library is very helpful in case of doubt.

I’m loving the variety of Emma’s classes (content and duration). 
I love the fact I can do it whenever I want and for the time I have available.

Emma manages to make it fun, easy and efficient! Her explanations are clear.
Thanks Emma”

– Magali Bulbar

“Emma is the most astute & knowledgeable Pilates Practitioner I have encounter, in 30 years of professional practice. Emma’s passion for her work is laudable”

– Alex Sherborne, Physiotherapist, Physio Posture Fitness, Sydney Australia



“I find it very difficult to stay motivated on my own. Emma helps me to stay accountable and consistent! 
Finally, I get the support I need to keep the motivation up and to keep going with exercise.
I really love Emma’s online classes. 
The fact that they are bite-sized and it does not mean I have to exercise for a whole hour at a time.
She also explains very clearly what and how. 
I always thought Pilates was very difficult because you had to think about your breathing, connecting your abs, holding your posture etc, all at the same time…She makes Pilates easy to do 🙂
I also love her energy, calm and dynamic at the same time.
Thank you lovely Emma!! 
– Madeleine Royere-Koonings

“Trying to get to a local studio is not possible on top of all my responsibilities, my busy lifestyle and working long days.

I’m so relieved I discovered Emma Jory and ePilates Online!

I quickly signed up knowing I can access a pilates session anywhere at anytime.

With my ePilates Online membership I can access pilates at home or in the hotel room when I travel, my way (in my daggy trackies!) and on my terms.

Thank you Emma for such a lovely membership site and easy to follow modules!
I just love it! “

– Penny Ward

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my purchase risk-free?

Absolutely! You can cancel anytime by logging into your account.

For Monthly option: If you enrolled for the $19 monthly subscription, there are no refunds for past payments, but future payments for the following month upon cancellation will not be billed to you.

For Annual option: If you enrolled for the $13 per month annual subscription, you can also choose to cancel your subscription at any time so that the following year will not be billed. There are no refunds for the annual subscription once purchase is made.

Do I always have access to the classes?

Absolutely! All the classes stay in your account for as long as you choose to stay as a member. You can choose to use the classes for as long as you like.

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  • Membership is now $3 p/week
  • billed annually @ $157 USD

  • SAVE $71 USD in the annual subscription

  • Access over 130 specialised videos

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