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    Kick start healthy habits that will change your life!
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       Starts Monday 18th January


      However you can join anytime during the 21 Days & start where you’re at when you join. 
      Videos are 10-15 mins long, so it’s easy to do a couple in a day to catch up, or just do a shorter challenge.


      Get the motivation & accountability you need to stay consistent with your workouts from home


      How it works

      STEP 1
      Sign up by email then join our Facebook community group to get accountability & motivation during the challenge
      STEP 2
      Receive a welcome email as soon as you join with information about the challenge.


      STEP 3
      Starting Monday 18th January
      Complete daily workouts from home & in your own time.
      Sent to you by email.

      What’s included

      • Unlimited use of Pilates, Barre & Yoga classes for the duration of the challenge
      • Videos pre recorded so you can watch them in your own time & approx 10-20 mins in length.
      •  Daily emails to keep you motivated.
      • Daily accountability check in inside the Facebook Group 
      • Be in the draw to win a Core Fit Club ePilates Online membership.
      • Support & cheering on by Emma & your peers in the group

      Enter your name & email below to join

        Day 2 Pilates, Barre & Yoga Challenge
        Day 11 Pilates, Barre & Yoga Challenge
        You can expect to have ;
        • Toned & strengthened body
        • Improved core strength & flexibility
        • Reduced pain the the knees, shoulders, hips and back
        • Improved posture
        • Improved cardiovascular fitness & coordination
        • Improved balance and more energy
        • Feel strong, empowered and confident
        • Reduction of all aches & pains from sitting or lack of movement
        • Feel more positive and calm
        • Reduced anxiety & stress
        • Reduced blood pressure
        • Improved sleep
        • Save money on regular classes
        • Start a new regular habit of exercise
        • Be inspired by others in the challenge

        Why Pilates, Barre & Yoga are so good:

        • It keeps your body balanced so you get less aches and pains and prevent injuries
        • You save money and time on trips to the chiropractor, physio and massage!  
        • It keeps you fit & healthy so you can keep doing your favourite activities; like playing with your children or grandchildren, dancing, walking, biking, golf.
        • It has a strong focus on breathing and body awareness, which helps you to be more present and therefore have less fear and worry.
        • You don’t need any special equipment, just a chair for the barre, pillow for a ball and soup cans for weights
        Pilates meditation

        Hi, I’m Emma

        I’m just like you, I want to stay as healthy and active as I can especially during a pandemic.
        Yet I know it can be a challenge to keep up the motivation sometimes.

        That’s why I’m hosting one of my Online Pilates Challenges!
        It’s specifically designed to help keep you motivated, consistent & accountable when working out from home.

        A little about me….

        I’m an Australian (well Tasmanian to be exact ;)) living and working in Malaysia, with my husband. I’ve been teaching Pilates for over 17 years and help people all over the world feel empowered, stay fit, strong, flexible and toned through Online Pilates, Yoga & Barre classes.   My classes cater for all levels and are a great way to improve posture, stay toned and strong and also keep calm.

        I can’t wait to train you!
        Em xo

        Online Pilates 21 Day Challenge

        FAQ’s …

        Is this suitable for beginners?

        YES this is suitable for all levels

        Can I keep the videos?

        You can keep them for the duration of the challenge
        After this time you can use the classes from inside the Core Fit Club (www.thecorefitclub.com)

        Do I need any equipment?
        No special equipment is needed
        Some days we may use things you have in your own home, like pillow, soup cans or towels
        How long are the classes?
        They are 10 -15 mins long.
        You can combine some of the classes  as we get further into the challenge if you’d like longer sessions.
        I'm a member of the Core Fit Club - do I need to sign up?

        No this is all included in your membership and you can access all classes from there. 

        This IS for you if:
        • You want to strengthen and tone your body
        •  If you struggle to do workouts yourself and need accountability
        • You sit for long periods during your day and get back pain
        • You need some help with motivation to be consistent with your exercise.
        • You’d like to make positive changes in your mind and body, tone up, improve flexibility, posture and core strength.
        • You’ve never tried Pilates, Barre & Yoga and want to see what it’s all about
        • You have been doing Pilates, Barre & Yoga a while and want to do some from home at your own pace


        This is NOT for you if:

        • If you’re an existing Core Fit Club member – you already have access to this content inside your members area
        • Just had a baby up to 5 months ago. (please message me to get details on my free postpartum challenge)

        • You’re pregnant (please see my online program www.prenatalcorefitclub.com there is a free 3 day trial)
        • If you have a prolapse or Diastasis (I have a specialised program for this www.corerestoreprogram.com) If you don’t want to improve your tone and strength in your body
        • If you don’t want to improve your tone and strength in your body


        Enter your name & email below to join

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