I hope you’re managing ok wherever you are in the world.

Life is almost unrecognisable for most of us right now.

I’m in Day 7 of full quarantine, and have not left the house in 6 days. All non essential businesses are shut and we have police occasionally patroling the streets to keep us indoors.

I must admit I’ve been up and down at times. We’re all human, it’s normal to feel these waves of emotions.

However we have to manage these thoughts and feelings and try to keep high spirits. We have to stay grateful for what we have and for most of us, that is a roof over our heads, food and lets hope a job.

So to help I’m limiting my news intake and reading less information people are circulating. It helps me stay calm and in the present moment, resulting in far less stress, anxiety or worry.

I’m also keeping up my exercise, which is essential as well for maintaining good health right now. 

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about how can I support the community more during these unprecedented times… and ironically these times are when we need online workouts the most. 

So I’ve put together a little surprise for you, your friends. family and colleagues. 

This pack will include 22 videos that you’ll have immediate access to.

Some of these classes are taken from my online challenges, my Core Fit Club Online studio, and my blogs. 

If you’d like to sign up for your FREE pack just click here and sign up.


I can’t wait to help support you feeling fit and strong from home. 


PS be sure to share this with your friends. They will thank you for it and I will be really grateful too! X

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