This Essential Course is a great  if you’re new to Pilates, or you want to brush up on your technique.

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I’m almost done with the Essential Course. It’s so useful, and so much information I had never had explained properly. I’ve done ballet, jazz dance, yoga, Pilates, and I’ve never had as much almost instant results in engaging my core. Every day is a complete revelation. I’m hoping this practice will help me with an almost 30 year old shoulder pain. I’ve seen almost every physical therapist possible; Shiatsu, Moxibustion, Cupping, Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Massage, Taping, Physiotherapy, Rolfing, BioMechanics, and others I can’t remember, and I only ever get temporary relief. I have a suspicion that strengthening the core might be the ticket. And even if it isn’t, having my muscles hold me up properly will be the best thing I can do for myself. Can’t wait!!

Mumbi Kaigwa

Excellent explanation – easy to understand and use/do!


Thank you Emma! I felt much more aware of my body when breathing as you suggested.


I love your explanations and finally understand what engage and neutral back means.



  • How you can engage your core natually, helping you to look like you have lost inches all by improving your posture!
  • Stop neck pain once and for all during sit ups,
  • Learn how to engage your deep core muscles properly,
  • All the the basic Pilates techniques to start or improve your Pilates journey!

You’ll be so happy you purchased this training …


All the videos are available to stream immediately after payment through a 
password protected page that’s yours to keep forever.

This course will prepare you for the Challenge and any other Pilates you do! 

The videos are up close and personal which will feel like I’m actually in the room with you.

You get all the explanations I normally teach my clients in a private session. 
A private session with me normally costs $100 USD per hour, so this is great value!


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Posture Analysis

Better posture helps to fix back pain, look taller, and helps you to engange your core naturally!

I teach you the secrets on how to improve your posture in 10 mins – this simple video tutorial may just change your life!

Here is what Saana had to say about her Posture Analysis session…

“Today I had an incredible experience. Emma is an amazing teacher. She helped me find the right way to hold my posture – it felt like I lost a dress size! It really helped improve my self esteem” Saana Pietilla

Check out Ali’s before and after shots from a 10 min posture analysis session

6 Principles of Pilates

Learn Pilates terminology & 6 Principles used in all classes;

1) Breathing & Abdominal Engagement (14min)

2) Pelvis Placement (13 min) 

3) Rib Cage Placement & Neutral Spine (12min)

4) Head & Neck Placement (7 mIn)

5) Shoulder Placement (8min)

6) Articulation & Movement Integration (7min)

Beginner Class

Bonus 25 min Beginner class

I love Emma’s videos. She gave very clear and detailed instructions which has helped me a lot.
In recent years, I didn’t know why my neck is painful whenever I do sit ups/ pilates .

I finally realised the correct way to lift my neck through the principle video. Great work! Cheers!


Very informative and very easy to understand. Thank you Emma!


It’s great. Thanks for the great tips from Emma!



This course IS for you if:

  • You’re new to Pilates and need to understand the basics
  • You’ve done Pilates before but want to brush up on the techniques
  • You’ve done Yoga but not Pilates and want to understand the Pilates method.

This course is NOT for you if: 

  • Have been doing Pilates for a long time and are at Intermediate or Advanced  level
  • You prefer to not know the fundamentals and just want to jump into the challenge
  • If you are an existing Core Fit Club member as you already have access to this content.

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