The Free 21 Day Challenge is now finished however you can access all videos from inside the Core Fit Club Membership. Click this link to find out more

You did it!

🎉🎉 Whoohoo! 🎉🎉

You completed 21 Days of Pilates, Barre & Yoga!

This is a wonderful achievement and you really should congratulate yourself and even celebrate!

Today is our final day and as you know, we finish with Yoga.

This class really puts together all we’ve been working towards and helps you step up to the next level.

We incorporate some balance work, twisting and binding.

The twists and binds help to wring out the internal organs, pushing the blood out and allowing it to rush back in again, which helps to detox the body.

The balance work helps us to become more present and connect to our centre.

To help you achieve your balance, find something to focus on and keep your gaze on that point.

(Be sure to read to the bottom of this post)

I have to admit I was quite emotional saying goodbye at the end of this video.

Ironically the camera cut out on me part way through the end and I had to retake it, which I think may have been better as I had pulled myself together! hehe

I really hope to continue training you beyond this challenge, to help you achieve your goals.

As you know the challenge videos will be kept inside my exclusive boutique online Pilates studio, the Core Fit Club, which is on offer now for challenge participants, friends and family. 

Lots of love



PS: I sent an email yesterday telling you all about the Core Fit Club let me know if you didn’t see this. 
Please check your junk mail folder and if you use gmail social and promotions tabs.

PPS: There are two competitions running to w in Core Fit Club memberships, one for social media, which will be drawn on Tuesday 4th Feb and one for video entries, drawn on Thursday 6th Feb next week. I will send out more information about the video entry soon as it was only previously mentioned in a Facebook live. 



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