The Free 21 Day Challenge is now finished however you can access all videos from inside the Core Fit Club Membership. Click this link to find out more

How are you feeling?

You’re doing amazing and on the home stretch now!

I’m thrilled to hear about so many incredible results so many people are getting.

Weight loss, toned tummy, glutes and inner thighs, improved posture, feeling energised and calm, reduced pain in the body and so much more! The positive effects of this challenge are really showing!

If you haven’t been doing all the classes that’s ok, you can still benefit from doing some!

So keep going!

Or if you just started, don’t stop now, you will feel results from just a few days! 

Plus the good news is I will be extending the use of the videos for a few days after the challenge finish date! 

Today we’re back to the Barre for some more legs!

You’ll need either a small hand towel or pillow to use behind your leg, or even better a small soft ball.

You also need a chair or bench to lean on.

Let me know how you go in the Facebook group or comments below. 



Lots of people are asking how long the videos will be available for after the challenge.

They’ll be FREE to use for a few days after the 21 days, as I’d love to see as many people finish the challenge as possible.

You can however continue training with me and using the videos anytime and as often as you like, from inside my boutique Online Boutique Pilates Studio : The Core Fit Club.

The Core Fit Club is a subscription (monthly or annual) membership which has a library of over 200 classes and tutorials to choose from. It’s a great way to stay consistent with workouts and save time and money, compared to attending classes at the gym or studios. Plus you get motivation by new classes to try every month, an amazing supportive community and a monthly schedule of classes to follow.

As a thank you for your participation in the challenge, I’ll be offering all participants a chance to join the Core Fit Club, at a discounted rate. Becoming a member is a great way to keep up the consistency gained from the challenge.

Many people have been asking about the Core Fit Club, so I’ll send out some details soon. xx



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