The Free 21 Day Challenge is now finished however you can access all videos from inside the Core Fit Club Membership. Click this link to find out more

We’re into the final week!


Stay with me and finish strong! 

Today we’re back to Pilates!

We start the class with some balance work, then I’ll be teaching you the Pilates series of five!

These 5 Pilates abdominal exercises challenge your abdominal connection and stamina. They teach you control, lower body connection and determination.

There’s always a way to challenge yourself with this series.

As a beginner you’re advised to take breaks between each exercise and put your head down. As you progress in your practice you can keep the chest up and make this a quicker series.

There are different ways to teach these exercises and in today’s video I teach you some variations to help with all levels. Feel free to take your own variations.

As always take modifications as needed and listen to your body.

As always let me know how you go, check in on the Facebook group or in the comments on the website below.




Lots of people are asking how long the videos will be available for after the challenge.

They’ll be FREE to use for a few days after the 21 days, as I’d love to see as many people finish the challenge as possible.

You can however continue training with me and using the videos anytime and as often as you like, from inside my boutique Online Boutique Pilates Studio : The Core Fit Club.

The Core Fit Club is a subscription (monthly or annual) membership which has a library of over 200 classes and tutorials to choose from. It’s a great way to stay consistent with workouts and save time and money, compared to attending classes at the gym or studios. Plus you get motivation by new classes to try every month, an amazing supportive community and a monthly schedule of classes to follow.

As a thank you for your participation in the challenge, I’ll be offering all participants a chance to join the Core Fit Club, at a discounted rate. Becoming a member is a great way to keep up the consistency gained from the challenge.

Many people have been asking about the Core Fit Club, so I’ll send out some details soon. xx



  1. Adele Partridge

    That was a great work out. Willvrepeat it again tomorrow x

  2. Sahana

    Day 15 is done. I liked this one very much.while rolling I struggled a lot.but finally I took a challenge and complete it nicely.

  3. Joy

    Thanks for a great class.

  4. Alison

    I am disappointed that your site does not feature Pilates as suggested by “epilatesonline”. Your Yoga and Barre are nice (and I already include some of these in my current fitness regimen) but I am looking for a site to strengthen my Pilates practice. I am a long-term Pilates enthusiast (intermediate level) who really appreciates your attention to cues and proper form. It appears that your focus is on a balance between Pilates, yoga and Barre.

    • Emma Jory

      Hi Alison, thanks for your message. My site is mostly Pilates based. This particular challenge is for all 3. You may not have seen inside my Core Fit Club Online Pilates studio, just seen my current challenge I’m hosting, which yes is all 3. I would advise trying out my online studio as there are hundreds of Pilates classes to choose from. There are beginner to intermediate level, including props. This particular challenge incorporates yoga and Barre. Here is the link to my Core Fit Club membership – which I will be having on special offer this week for challenge participants. . Thanks for your feedback on my cues. Let me know if you have any questions at all. Em

  5. Annette Scott

    Another one done, thank you

  6. Inez

    Good workout, but think I must be doing the, lying on your front “beating” your legs, incorrectly as it is more of a challenge for my lower spine than inner thighs!?
    Also I can manage the roll backwards and back up, but find that sore on my spine. Admittedly not a great deal of padding there so should I try a thicker mat or skip that exercise? (I have osteoporosis in my lumbar spine, but my Dr says it’s fine to do Pilates as long as I move slowly!)

    • Emma Jory

      Hi Inez! thanks for your message. Did you see the video where i explain modifications for those with osteo ? It was in the 3rd email I sent out (prep email before the challenge). If you have osteo in the spine, it’s best to avoid the rolling on your back. Here is the video again in case you missed it.

      The doctor may not know the detail around pilates if he said you can do it. YEs it’s true yo can however ideally you will be modifying some exercises just for precaution. Let me know if you have any more questions when you watch the video.

      Yes the exercise with the beating of the legs, often people feel in the lower back. If you do the best way to reduce any discomfort is to press the pubic bone into the mat on this exercise. So you are taking the pressure from the lower back. Or if it is still too much leave this one out as it’s not for everyone – sometimes you need to gain some more strength and flexibility first.

  7. Susan Swamy

    Done Day 12,13,14,15
    I enjoy rolling the back

    Thanks Emma

  8. Susan Swamy

    Done Day 12, 13, 14 n 15

    Feeling good

    Thanks Emma

  9. Inez Carmalt

    Thanks very much for your reply to my Jan 27th question. I have watched your video again, which clarifies all! Many thanks, Emma.

  10. eirini

    Excellent!!! Accurate and very helpful!


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