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This challenge came to life for a few reasons.

I recently took a couple of months break from my usual Pilates and Yoga routine, due to some treatments.

I’m ok, so no worries there. 😉

However during that time, I didn’t exercise as much as I normally would.

I only did daily walking and stretching, so lost a lot of my usual fitness and strength.

It reminded me of times my Core Fit Club members would ask me what classes to do, after coming back to exercise from a break.

They’d either been unwell, had surgery or just fallen off the wagon with their routine. (as we all do sometimes)

So I decided to create this program, which also seemed ideal for this busy time of the year!

It includes short classes, designed to give you bursts of feel good moves.

It will help you open up, tone up, and in general reconnect and reset your mind and body.

This challenge was initially made for my members,

However I wanted to gift you and my community the first 3 Days of the challenge.

So please join us!

Starting this Sunday 13th December

To do the challenge you have a few choices …

1. Get the first 3 Days of the Challenge FREE
(unlimited use of 3 classes for 12 days)


2. Get the whole challenge for just $10 usd
(unlimited use of 12 classes for 21 days)


3. Join as a member for $15 to get the whole challenge (unlimited use of 12 challenge videos + 250 other classes >

To learn click here >> YES I WANT IN!


What’s included…

  • Unlimited use of classes for period of time chosen (free or paid)
  • One new video every day for 12 days
  • Daily emails to keep you motivated.
  • Daily accountability check in inside the Facebook Group
  • Support & cheering on by Emma & your peers in the group
  • Be in the draw to win an ePilates Online membership!

FAQ’s …

  • If I join the challenge for FREE, can I still join the full challenge later?
    YES that is fine to decide after you begin the first 3 days free
  • Is this suitable for beginners?
    YES this is suitable for all levels
  • Can I keep the videos?
    You can keep the FREE version for 12 days
    You can keep the paid version for 21 Days
    After this time you can use the classes from inside the Core Fit Club.
  • Do I need any equipment?
    No special equipment is needed

To learn click here >> YES I WANT IN!

Take a listen to what others have to say about previous challenges…

To learn more & join click here >> YES I WANT IN!

Lets do this!

Em xx

PS: Hit reply and let me know if you have any questions at all.

I would be really grateful if you can also share this email with your friends and family, and they can give themselves a Christmas gift of movement!

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